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How to Make Butter Slime with Clay: What Not to Use and What Works

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Kids love to make slime - it's a fun project to make and you can store the slime in plastic containers to be used many times over. Adults also have a fun time creating the slimy gooey, gluey stuff (with, or without their kids!).  

Slime can be easy to make with just a few ingredients - water, activator (like Borax), lotion or shaving cream for different consistencies, white glue or clear glue and food coloring if desired. Small pieces such as glitter, confetti, toys, sequins and more can be added for different effects. Of course, beginners will need a little practice to get it just right.

The creative process of mixing the ingredients, the almost immediate results and the action of hand-mixing the soft, stretchy product provides instant gratification and satisfies the touch, sight and even hearing senses too. 

For touch, the slime squeezes through your fingers and depending on how much of each ingredient you use, it can feel soft and slimy, or more rubbery. 

For sight, it's about seeing the ingredients mix and blend with the colors and changing from a white or clear base to a bold bright color or a soft pastel. It's also fun to see the slime twist into different shapes. 

For hearing, listening to the clicks and pops the slime makes when it's squished and squeezed can be soothing and works well to induce a calming effect, especially for some who suffer from anxiety. 

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Now, here's the thing ... whether you're ready to move on to making BUTTER SLIME or just want to jump in from the start, you might be asking "What are the butter slime ingredients". There's several ways of making slime and slimers use different ingredients. My daughter and I originally looked up how to make regular slime (not butter slime) and we tried to follow the directions but it didn't really work at first.

We found it best to add the ingredients in the amounts of whatever you need as you go. We suggest starting with a small amount and experimenting to get a feel for it. 

Add a good amount of glue (we use Elmer's white glue and clear glue)  - the more glue you use, the more slime you will have.

Mix about a half a teaspoonful of activator into a little bit of warm water - we've only used Borax, but other slimers also use saline solution, boric acid, liquid fabric softener or liquid starch (research these options for instructions).

Pour the Borax into the glue but only a tiny amount because it works really quickly and well.

You can add shaving cream to it to make it more fluffy, and a bit of lotion to give your slime a nice scent.


What happens when you mix air-dry clay with your slime? Air-Dry Clay mixed with your favorite slime is going to have you in tears! Do not mix air dry clay with your slime - it does not work to create a butter slime. If you want to see for yourself what happens, I'd recommend making a simple separate batch for testing.

Mixing a block of air dry clay to your slime will immediately disintegrate it into a very liquid and sticky mushy mess.

TO MAKE BUTTER SLIME, USE Crayola's Model Magic

After the air-dry clay mixed with our slime went terribly wrong, we used Crayola's Model Magic (white) and the result was a soothing, creamy, fluffy puffy, and perfect butter slime that pulled and stretched to my daughter's satisfaction, and resulted in a beautifully twisted butter slime (just like the photos!).

What are your thoughts? Have you had a similar experience? Did Air-Dry clay work for you? Give Model Magic a try for your butter slime and let us know the results! Email me at Tegan@ParkwayJars.com or connect with me on Parkway Plastics' social media accounts: FacebookTwitterInstagram.


Photos: Adobe Stock; and McKayla Grogan

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