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16oz Plastic Jars

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When you need sturdy and durable jars that provide adequate storage, look no further than the 16 oz plastic jars from Parkway Plastics. Their larger size and variety of diameters make them suitable for any industry, be it food grade or health and beauty products. With both screw top and snap lock options, you can select the jars that will serve you best. You can also select the best coating for your industry, selecting from clear styrene, clarified polypropylene, or white polypropylene. When you need 16 oz jars, shop with Parkway. 

Parkway’s 16oz plastic jar is available in 89mm, 100mm and 120mm. They’re great for peanut butters, spreads, and other foods. Parkway offers a variety of styles: Regular Wall, Thick Wall, PET and Snap-Lock. As always, we recommend testing with a sample order to ensure compatibility with your products. Jars and caps are sold separately.

Caps that will fit our 16oz (89mm, 100mm, 120mm) jars:Disc Liners that will fit our 16oz jars:Bulk Packed liners that will fit our 16oz jars:

Child Resistant Cap for 89mm jars

Ribbed Matte Top for 89mm jars

Ribbed Matte Top for 100mm jars

Ribbed Matte Top for 120mm jars

Smooth Cap for 89mm jars

Smooth Cap for 100mm jars

Smooth Cap for 120mm jars

Domed Cap for 89mm jars

Domed Cap for 120mm jars

Snap-Lock for 100mm jars

Snap-Lock for 120mm jars

Disc Liner for 89mm jars

Disc Liner for 100mm jars

Disc Liner for 120mm jars

Bulk Packed Liners for 89mm jars

Bulk Packed Liners for 100mm jars

Bulk Packed Liners for 120mm jars


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