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Marijuana Storage — In 2018, It’s More Than Plastic Baggies and Old Tupperware; Small Plastic Jars and Child Resistant Closures Popular Among Dispensaries

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Three years ago, if I heard the phrase ‘marijuana storage,’the first images to come to mind would have been the old favorites: plastic baggies, bulky Tupperware containers and mason jars inside of which it’s impossible to fit your entire hand.

I grew up on the east coast, went to college in Vermont and I can say from firsthand experience that ‘pot culture,’while certainly alive and well, hadn’t yet been given the chance to flourish and grow in New England as it had in other parts of the country —places like Colorado, or California, where I’ve lived since 2015.

A few months after moving the Golden State, I paid my first visit to a dispensary. To me, it was an overwhelming experience — surreal and almost dreamlike —as I imagine it is for many first-timers.[1]

The aroma was strong and the varieties were endless…and everywhere. Not only different strains, but also of different forms—flowers, concentrates, edibles, CBDs, beauty products, tinctures and other wellness oils —an entire WORLD of marijuana products that was, at the time, totally foreign to me.

 These 43mm - 2 oz jars - in white, clarified or black - are popular storage options at dispensaries

I soon found out that, along with new and evolving in the ways which consumers consumed marijuana, they had also made strides —and improvements —to the ways in which they stored their pot, with plastic jars being one of the most popular storage option across the numerous dispensaries I’ve visited.

I also learned that, as a result of the increase in variety AND accessibility of marijuana products, more Americans are sitting on more pot (both in quantity and variety) than ever before.

With marijuana sales steadily growing (expected to be a $24.5 billion annually by 2021 [2]) and with its consumption becoming a socially-acceptable form of recreation, more consumers will be turning to better ways to store their pot than the old sandwich bag.

This means that inevitably, more people will be buying high quality plastic jars to keep their marijuana products fresh and their families safe. For many consumers in California, the additional safeguards provided by optional child resistant tops are a major allure to using plastic containers for storing all forms of marijuana products. 

Child Resistant Tops for Plastic Containers by Parkway Plastic


When it comes to storing “flowers”(which is dispensary talk for old-school pot, the buds or flowers of the cannabis plant) customers opt for jars that can hold anywhere from 13 to 60 Dram.

 These 43mm - 2oz plastic jars -- in white, clarified or black - are popular storage options among the dispensaries

A 13 Dram jar can easily hold an eighth ounce of marijuana (3.5 grams), a commonly purchased increment, where a larger quantity, a half ounce (14 grams), fits well inside a 60 Dram jar.

Concentrates are an ambiguous family of marijuana products: in weed speak, the term “concentrate”could apply to the wax you vaporize, the tincture you put under your tongue or the orally administered THC-free cannabis oil that’s been eliciting increasing interest from outside fields thanks to its therapeutic possibilities. [4]

Given the sticky and often viscous nature of concentrates, plastic bags are frequently not a viable storage option, making plastic jars all the more desirable. Since these concentrated products are, by nature, more condensed than flowers, they take less space and require smaller storage units, like 5mL jars.

More straight-forward in definition are edibles, marijuana infused foods and snacks. Edibles often take the form of candy—gummies, chocolates, lozenges, hard candies, or snack foods—cookies, chips, sodas, cereals, brownies, cupcakes and rice crispy treats, for example. 

The inherent ‘danger’of all edibles is that many of them appear like ordinary versions of the marijuana-free foods from which they derived. And for people with young children, this can pose a real problem, which is why a growing number of consumers are turning to plastic jars with CR lids to house their edibles, typically jars sized 60 Dram (and up).

Federal treasury officials estimate if the sale of marijuana was legalized in all 50 states, it could generate more than $131 Billion in tax revenue [5]. Numbers like that are too staggering to ignore, making it less of a question of ‘if’and more matter of ‘when’more states will follow suit in legalizing the sale of cannabis products. And as more and more Americans continue to buy, sell and consume these products, the demand for modern storage containers will continue to surge.


Use COUPON CODE: 420JARS to save 5% off your order of small plastic jars (6oz or smaller) and child resistant closures. Visit ParkwayJars.com!


Drew Eisen grew up in New England and is a Los Angeles based writer, music fan and full-time dog-lover. 

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