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Amerimold Expo: Parkway's Engineering Rep Scopes Out Latest and Greatest Technology in Mold Manufacturing Industry

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Amerimold is an annual tradeshow that addresses the business development, best practices and networking interests of the plastic injection mold manufacturing industry. Because manufacturing trends are constantly changing it's very important to keep up with the latest processes, techniques and applications, and Amerimold provides the opportunity to do so. 

Amerimold 2018 was held on June 13th and 14th in Novi, Michigan. Between the two days mold buyers, mold builders, as well as equipment and service suppliers were able to connect with one another for 12 hours in the exhibit hall to create relationships and develop future business endeavors. More than 200 Booths were spread out in the Suburban Collection Showplace that showcased companies from around the world. I had the pleasure to speak with international companies from places like China, Portugal and Mexico that are well known in the industry along with domestic companies that spanned from coast to coast. 

I went to Amerimold with the intentions of improving several aspects of Parkway Plastics that will allow the company to expand and utilize some of the latest technology in the industry. With those intentions in mind I was on the lookout for whole mold & mold component manufacturers, tool shops that can provide a wide range of services, and companies that can improve the overall molding process. I met with companies such as New Star, Sanpin, National Tool, Roehr, Round Mate, EMP, and The Minco Group who can provide whole molds and mold components, for any possible products we would like to manufacture in the future. After finding that group of vendors I began to look for companies that can provide a wide variety of services such as Saturn Industries for Electrodes, Duro-Chrome for chrome plating, and Asaclean for mold machine cleaning. Lastly, I found companies such as Self Lube and Progressive Components that provide components that can be integrated into our molds to improve cycles and monitor variables that will track a molds performance over its lifetime.

I was able to find these vendors easily due to the fact that the exhibit hall was setup in such a way that everything flowed and allowed guests to float from booth to booth. Some booths had great attractions that made people gravitate towards them and sparked conversation immediately. My personal favorite booth was Detail Technologies, they had a 3D head of Mr. Incredible and Ironman and a Replica of Thor’s hammer. I immediately went to Thor’s Hammer and asked if I could take a picture with it because I'm a big Marvel fan. The atmosphere of the show was very friendly and welcoming but was still fun and business oriented.

Overall the show was very educational, highly beneficial, and extremely fun. Being able to see the latest 5-Axis CNC machines operate at high speeds right in front of me was truly amazing. 3D measuring equipment, laser engraving machines, and 5-axis robots were also on display, and technicians were at the respective booths and walked you through how to operate each machine. I was able to personally operate a $20,000 5-axis robotic arm and I created a program on the robot that turned, picked up a pen, then set it back down.

I'm glad I was given the opportunity to attend and experience Amerimold, it allowed me to network with some of the industry’s best and brightest, and strengthened my knowledge of the plastic molding industry. I hope I can come back next year because it was a truly amazing experience from start to finish. 

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