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Sticky Situation: JELL-O Targets the Slime-Making Industry with Edible Slime; Mixed Reaction From Buyers

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Sticky Situation: JELL-O Targets the Slime-Making Industry with Edible Slime; Mixed Reaction From Buyers

In June 2018, Kraft Heinz introduced JELL-O as a toy in the form of JELL-O Play Build & Eat Kits. For 121 years, JELL-O remained a food product that was tempting to touch and play with because of it's wiggly, jiggly nature.

Created for more than just eating, the JELL-O Play Build & Eat Kits included molds used to make building blocks with the gelatin. The new line of gelatin toys encouraged parents and kids to spend quality free play time together using their imaginations to build ocean explorations, jungle safaris, construction sites and sky adventures.

Now, the JELL-O Play line is targeting the rapidly-increasing slime-making industry, as it introduces the first slime you can eat!

Some parents have cringed at the idea, commenting their concerns on Twitter regarding table manners, sanitation and " ... how long before the first kid eats Borax slime?"

While those are valid concerns, other parents were excited about the "teaching/parenting" opportunity, and they suggested parents should have their children wash their hands and use a clean surface. 

Customer reviews of the product included comments about the edible slime being easy to make and play with, but the edible part being more on the "non-toxic" side rather than tasty. 

This gelatin slime mix was being offered through Amazon in two different flavors, 'Unicorn' and 'Monster'.  While the item was said to be available for pre-orderas of today, the item is showing as "Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock."  



Parkway Plastics Inc. is not only your "one stop jar shop" but it's a top choice for slime-makers (aka 'slimers') when shopping around for high-quality, durable, shatter-proof containers for storing play slime.

Containers like the one pictured below (left) are popular choices for slimers because they come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors too! 

These wide-mouth polypropylene jars make it easy to store and remove slime. While styrene (clear) is typically what novice slimers will turn to, these see-through, clarified regular-wall jars offers peace of mind when it comes to shipping. 

Oftentimes, a customer excited about purchasing slime is disappointed upon opening their package to find the styrene has cracked during transit due to the items not having been correctly and safely packaged. 

No worries! Parkway Plastics to the rescue! In the review video below, Instagram slimer ( @sonriaslime) demonstrates the durability of Parkway Jars (volume up!):


What is the most popular size container for storing slime? At Parkway Plastics, our slime-making and slime-selling customers typically order the following sizes and styles of jars and caps:

6oz 70mm Regular Wall Jar & Matching 70mm Smooth Cap

6oz 89mm Regular Wall Jar & Matching 89mm Smooth Cap

6oz 100mm Regular Wall Jar & Matching 100mm Smooth Cap

8oz 100mm Regular Wall Jar & Matching 100mm Smooth Cap





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