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Labeling Terms & Definitions: T-Z

TTACKThe property of a pressure sensitive label which causes it to adhere to a surface instantly with a minimum of pressure and contact time. It is the feeling of stickiness obtained when the surface of an adhesive is touched or when a label is applied to a surface and quickly pulled away.TACKIFIERAn additive used to [...]

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Labeling Terms & Definitions: P-S

PPADDINGBinding sheets of paper together by applying flexible glue or adhesive to one edge of the stack.PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM (PMS) An international system of matching color for printing, designating unique colors by standard Pantone Matching System® (PMS) numbers. Pantone is known worldwide as the standard language for color communication from designer to manufacturer to retailer [...]

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Labeling Terms & Definitions: M - O

MMAbbreviation for a quantity of 1,000.MACHINE DIRECTION The direction of any material parallel to its forward movement on the press.MAGENTAA subtractive primary color which reflects blue and red light and absorbs green light.MAGNETIC CYLINDER A cylinder used in die cutting that is magnetized to accept and hold flexible steel dies in place. Also used in [...]

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Labeling Terms & Definitions: L

LL.I.F.E.® Certification A program developed by the Tag & Label Manufacturers Association specifically for Tag & Label companies. Patterned after ISO 14001, it addresses the unique environmental, safety, and sustainability issues that face the label converting industry including: the recycle-compatibility of adhesives; the source and destination of liner materials and how label companies are driving recycling [...]

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Labeling Terms & Definitions: I-K

IIDInside diameter. In label manufacturing, the ID is often called out for the core on which the labels are rolled around. The ID of a label core can be important if the labels are to be mounted on an unwind chuck for subsequent printing operations or if used on an automatic label application machine.IMPACT PRINTING [...]

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Labeling Terms & Definitions: G-H

GGAMMA STERILIZATION INDICATOR A self-adhesive indicator in label form that undergoes a simple, chemical color-change when exposed to gamma radiation. The indicator changes from yellow to red when activated. This provides a yes/no indicator of gamma exposure for a wide range of applications, including medical and surgical products sterilization.GAUGEA unit of measure usually the thickness or [...]

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Labeling Terms & Definitions: E-F

EEANEuropean Article Numbering system, the international standard bar code for retail food packages.EDGE CURL See curl.EDGE DEFINITION Bar code readers require sharp, well-defined edges to differentiate between bars and spaces and properly decode symbols. Poor edge definition may indicate that the ribbon and media are not properly matched for use with each other. Printing bar [...]

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Labeling Terms & Definitions: D

DDATA MATRIX CODE A proprietary dynamically variable 2D matrix code, which provides a visual representation of a machine executable electronic binary code.DEBOSSEDAn indent or cut in design or lettering of a surface.DELAMINATIONThe separation of a material into layers in a direction approximately parallel to the surface. The partial or complete separation of the layers of a [...]

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Labeling Terms & Definitions: C

CC1SAbbreviation for coated one side paper.CAD/CAM Computer Assisted Design/Computer Assisted Makeup or Manufacturing.CALENDER FINISHED A term applied to any paper with a surface glazed by means of a calender stack.CALIPERThe thickness of labels, usually measured in mils (one thousandth of an inch). A mil is sometimes called a “point.” A 10 mil tag might also [...]

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Labeling Terms & Definitions: B

BBACK PRINTING Refers to printing on the underside of a pressure sensitive substrate or laminate, i.e. on the adhesive or back of liner.BACK SPLIT The slit in the release liner that facilitates its removal by hand.BACKGROUNDThe area surrounding a printed symbol.BACKINGThe carrier sheet of material, as opposed to the face material, in a pressure sensitive lamination. [...]

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