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Plastic and Planting: What You Should Know

It’s spring again; another year where I still don’t have a green thumb. As subpar gardener who never met a clay pot I couldn’t crack, I was excited when I learned that there are plenty of plastic planter options already available, ranging from plastic pots to square injection molds. . My research also revealed that, on a larger scale, most growers of [...]

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Recyclables: To Rinse or Not to Rinse ...

In a recent Parkway Plastics' poll on Twitter, followers were asked, "Do you rinse your recyclables before putting them in your recycling bins?" Only a small percentage (20%) answered "Yes, always" while "No, never" and "Sometimes" were tied at 40 percent.As a kid who grew up in the '90s, I observed Earth Day, worshiped Captain Planet and even [...]

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Marijuana Storage — In 2018, It’s More Than Plastic Baggies and Old Tupperware; Small Plastic Jars and Child Resistant Closures Popular Among Dispensaries

Three years ago, if I heard the phrase ‘marijuana storage,’the first images to come to mind would have been the old favorites: plastic baggies, bulky Tupperware containers and mason jars inside of which it’s impossible to fit your entire hand. I grew up on the east coast, went to college in Vermont and I can say from firsthand experience [...]

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How Parkway Plastics Met the DIY Gift and Packaging Needs of @Shameless.Craves

Why would I need Parkway Plastics?For this past holiday season I decided that an easy way to save money on gifts for my friends and family was to go the do it yourself (DIY) route with all my gifts. After spending some time on Pinterest searching for ideas, I came across multiple natural recipes for body sugar scrubs. [...]

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Pomades, Packaging and More - Plastic Jars and Lids for Pomades -

From understanding what pomade is to learning who uses it and for what, this blog post also includes travel size tips, info on making your own pomade and, of course, where to find the jars and lids you need to package your product. What is the definition of Pomade - noun  po·made  \ pō-ˈmād , -ˈmäd \ Simply defined, pomade is a scented [...]

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​George Washington Carver invented 300 uses for the peanut! Buy Plastic Jars for your Seed and Nut Butters

George Washington Carver, aka the "Peanut Man" invented 300 uses for the peanut, but he didn't invent peanut butter. Today marks the beginning of Black History Month, and I noticed the name George Washington Carver kept popping up on Twitter in reference to “the peanut man”. So, Who is the Peanut man? George Washington Carver, American botanist and [...]

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Don’t Miss Out! South Florida’s Cake & Candy Expo – SoFlo2018 - Over 90 Cake Decorating and Design Classes to Choose From!

Don’t Miss Out! South Florida’s Cake & Candy Expo – SoFlo2018 - Over 90 Cake Decorating and Design Classes to Choose From! Uh-oh! Classes are beginning to sell out at South Florida's Cake & Candy Expo 2018! Have you seen the classes they're offering?!  There’s more than 90 to pick from! View the list below or visit their website: SoFlo [...]

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Plastic Cap & Bottle Neck Definitions

New to plastic jars and caps and confused by all of the new packaging lingo? Well Parkway Plastics specializes in manufacturing CT-400 (Continuous Thread 400) jars and caps. What is a CT-400 jar and cap you ask? Read on to find out!Application Torque: The torque force, measured in inch-pounds, required to screw a closure onto [...]

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Attending an Upcoming Vendor Fair? Set Your Company Apart from Competitors with Customized Jars and Caps - Parkway Plastics

Trade show vendors use Parkway Plastics’ small plastic jars & smooth caps to attract potential clients & gain sales.Attending an upcoming vendor fair? Need high-quality plastic jars for your product to set your company apart from local competitors? Our customer, Your Nanny Boutique, recently had great success with our 1/2oz 53mm Thick Wall Clear Styrene Jars and 53mm Smooth White Caps [...]

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5 Quick and Easy Steps to Create a Unique Plastic Jar Luminary for Martin Luther King Day - #MLK

Every year, on the third Monday of January, we celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. This time of year falls around King’s birthday, January 15.Martin Luther King Jr. was a civil rights activist who called for nonviolent activism and spoke out against racial discrimination. He dedicated his life working for peace and justice for everyone, no matter the [...]

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