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Marijuana Packaging: Connect with Parkway Plastics at Marijuana Business Conference & Expo in Las Vegas!

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Marijuana Packaging: Connect with Parkway Plastics at Marijuana Business Conference & Expo in Las Vegas! Booth # 4763

Marijuana Business Conference Expo is America's oldest and largest national cannabis trade show, and Parkway Plastics is attending! Visit Parkway Plastics booth to discuss BPA-Free plastic packaging made in the USA. 

Parkway Plastics manufactures plastic jars and child-resistant caps (CRCs) for your high-quality cannabis and marijuana product and packaging needs. Jars and caps 

In addition to stock and custom plastic containers, ParkwayJars.com also offers small glass jars and CRCs for various cannabis and marijuana-related products including but not limited to: 

Edibles, Medical Marijuana, CBD Infused Products, Hemp Products, Concentrate Containers, Dabs Containers, Oil Containers, and Wax Containers.

Visit Parkway Plastics - Booth #4763

Marijuana Business Conference & Expo (MJBizCon) List of Exhibitors (Las Vegas, 2018)

∆9 Packaging
1130 Solutions Inc

1130 Solutions is a manufacture of world-leading inhalation technologies and logistic services designed to achieve positive outcomes for patients within the medical cannabis community.

14 West, LLC

1st Defensce Industries Ltd

1st Defence Industries Ltd is a Canadian owned and operated business based out of Abbotsford, British Columbia. We are proud of our Original Bug Coaster products and committed to ensuring they are durable, effective and affordable. 

365 Cannabis

365Cannabis is a complete seed-to-sale, or vertically integrated solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

3C Consulting LLC

3C Consulting, LLC has helped more than 70 clients design, start up, build, and optimize their cultivation and commercial cannabis operations.

3Win Corp

420 Advisory Management

420 Advisory Management helps our clients and partners navigate the complexities of cannabis legalization globally.

420 Intel

420 Intel is the leading source for marijuana industry news from around the world. 

420 Packaging Services

420 Sacs

A source for equipment automation and vape hardware.

710 Spirits

710 Spirits™ was designed to alleviate the burden of Federal Excise Tax from the herbal extraction industry while using only the highest grade materials to maintain the absolute best end product. We saw a growing problem in the industry and found a solution. 

A&D Medical

A10 Filling Machines

A2LA offers independent third-party accreditation assessments of cannabis testing laboratories serving both the Medical Marijuana and Recreational Adult Use markets. 

AB Energy USA

AB Energy USA, is the American subsidiary of AB – a company completely dedicated to cogeneration with over 1,100 installed plants and direct presence in 19 countries worldwide including Italy, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, UK, Germany and Russia. 


Industry Leader in odor-absorbing (smell proof) bags.

Accelerated Growth Solutions

AGS offers water-cooled self-contained HVAC equipment from 2 tons per unit to 230 tons per unit. Units can be floor mounted, roof mounted or ceiling hung.

Access Rosin

We are Innovative Non-Volatile Extraction Equipment.

Accutek Packaging
Accutek Packaging Equipment Companies, Inc. is one of the largest privately held packaging machinery manufacturers in the United States

We aren’t just portable vaporizer specialists, we’re comprehensive partners.

Ace Glass Inc.

Ace Glass Inc is a leader of scientific glassware.

Acorn Paper Cannabis Packaging

We are a full line supplier of packaging janitorial and sanitary products.

Across International

Professional laboratory-grade vacuum purging equipment.

Active Agriscience

Adapt8 / Solexx

Protect your investment and save money with Solexx Covering!

ADCO Manufacturing

U.S. manufacturer of packaging machinery and systems.


Automatic Filling & Closing Machines

ADM Group

Advanced Extraction Systems

Environmentally Friendly Supercritical Fluid CO2 Extraction

Advanced Growing Solutions

Advanced Growing Solutions (AGS) manages partnerships from the West Coast to the East Coast as a strategic acquisition, development, growth and scaling operator specializing in indoor/outdoor cannabis cultivation and distribution. 

Advanced Nutrients

Raising the Bud Weights...and Reputations of Top Growers.

Advanced Terpenes
Aeon Futures Inc.

AEssenseGrows cannabis with The AEtrium System. This advanced aeroponic platform delivers the highest yield and growth velocity using minimal water, resources, & labor. 

Afinia Label

Make your own labels with Afinia Label printers & finishers

AGC Lighting

We design highly-efficient, IOT-enabled, LED horticulture lighting that reduces facility operating costs by up to 70% and provides real-time visibility to critical grow environment metrics for fast, smart decision-making.

Agra Tech, Inc
AgricUltra Advancements
Agrimote Solutions

The focus of AgroMation is to help you reach your growth goals by taking a complex process and making it simple through our automated control system.

Agron LLC

Wholesale Equipment for Professional Growers

Agrowtek Inc
Aguair Inc.

Aguair manufacturers systems that enhance crop growth.

AgWell Solar
Air Sniper
Air to Z, LLC

AirFreshy makes cannabis scented air fresheners with real Hemp terpenes that provide benefits for mood, atmosphere & also make great gifts.


Airnug the Odor Control Neutralization Solution

AiroClean 420

AiroClean420 was first introduced almost 2-Years ago into the Cannabis industry and is now the preferred Preventive Controls Solution for preventing Powdery Mildew cross contamination!

AirROS by SAGE Industrial

We provide air purification systems to kill mold & bacteria.

Airxcel Commercial/Industrial Group

Specialty HVAC systems from 6,000 to 360,000 BTUH’s.

Alconox, Inc.

Alconox, Inc. We are the critical cleaning experts.


An on-demand sales & marketing agency for cannabis business

All American Label

All American Label & Packaging is a premier supplier of custom printed labels in Northern California. 

All Green Insurance

Cannabis Insurance Solutions Since 2009

Allstate Garden Supply, Inc.

We offer flexible distribution programs with friendly services to hydroponics retailers in the US.

Alt Thirty Six

American Beer Equipment

American Beer Equipment (a Division of Norland International Inc.) is a world-leader in producing state-of-the-art equipment for bottled, canned or packaged beverages.

American Cannabis Company

We provide end-to-end consulting and product solutions for the medical and recreational adult use and low-THC regulated cannabis markets both nationally and internationally.

American Grow Products

American Grow Products is here to serve all of your benching needs. 

American Nettings & Fabric Inc

Supplier of fabrics and nettings to the horticulture/agriculture industry.

American Ultraviolet


AmeriVacS is a manufacturer of high-performance, cleanroom-compatible chamber and retractable nozzle vacuum sealers with gas purge for all heat-sealable bags.

Amnesia Media

AMNESIA is a powerful turn-key influencer marketing solution designed for scale in the cannabis industry.


Anden solutions are designed with growers in mind and meet the highest standards for testing and quality. 

Anderson Injectors

Anderson Injectors a proven solution for nutrient delivery.


Anion® Extraction Systems are the newest revolution to the cannabis extraction equipment providing the features you want with the safety you need.

ANP Health Weed never let you smoke pesticides!

Anseres Technologies

From Custom Product Development services to Contract manufacturing to Supporting services, Anseres can help cut cost and time from your timelines and streamline the entire process under one roof.

Antares Health Products

Delivering Absorption & Bioavailability with Vitamin E TPGS


Anthea provides risk management solutions with 3 primary offerings: track&trace software, anti-counterfeit packaging, certified food safety and supply chain integrity protocols.

Apeks Supercritical

Apeks Supercritical are manufacturers of fully-automated botanical oil extraction systems utilizing subcritical and supercritical CO2 – a safer, cleaner, purer way to extract plant oils.

Apera Instruments

Applied DNA Sciences Inc.

ETCH BioTrace by TheraCann offers an end-to-end blockchain/ERP platform providing cultivators, processors and dispensaries a seed-to-sale system that is purposely designed for the cannabis industry.


Aptus Plant Tech is a completely new plant technology, birthed in commercial agriculture and now made available to the hydroponics industry.

Arbico Organics

Beneficial and predatory insects, organisms and mites.

ArchSolar, LLC

We deliver integrated solar structures that increase yields.

Argus Controls

Advanced environmental control systems.

A-ROO Company

Check out our herb drying racks and transport packaging!

Artesyn Embedded Technologies

Artesyn is one of the world’s largest and most successful power supply companies and embraces the well-known Astec brand. 

AssurPack LLC

Assurpack child resistant packaging for infused & edibles

ATG Pharma

Versatile and scalable liquid filling machines.

Atmosphere Inc.

Atmosphere, manufacturer of the Vortex Powerfans inline fans

Aurora Cannabis

Experience the Healing Power of Nature

Aurora Innovations
Soils and plant food
AuthentiBrand Inc. / HoloShield

Auto Cure LLC
AutoPot Watering Systems & Cultivation Consultancy USA

Automate your irrigation for every stage of growth!

Azoth Solutions

Azoth Solutions is the inspiration of Sheldon and Jon Bray's combined passions for plants, science and resource efficient systems design.

B/R Instrument Corp.

Purify your CO2, ethanol, or BHO extracted crude oil by removing solvents, terpenes, and other undesirable compounds in a single pass with high-efficiency distillation. 

Baked at Home Co.

Baked at Home Co, the first baking mix company for canna-oil

Baker Perkins

Baker Perkins is an candy making equipment manufacturer

Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc.

BAS Research

BAS Research is California’s first licensed cannabis manufacturing company developing advanced science-driven cannabis oil and extraction services.

Bazelet Pharma

Bazelet Pharma is the largest Cannabis groups in Israel

BBG Projects

BDS Analytics

BDS Analytics is the indispensable source for cannabis industry market research and insight.

Beaker & Wrench
Bellpark Horticulture

Serving growers in Canada and the United States

Beneficial Insectary, Inc.
Mastering the Craft of Growing Media
Berlin Packaging

As the world’s only Hybrid Packaging Supplier®, Berlin Packaging is a leading provider of high-quality, cost-effective, child-resistant and compliant packaging to the cannabis industry.

Best Bud Bags

Offering a wide variety of custom cannabis products and services to our fellow ‘buds’ in the fastest growing industry in North America.

Best Grinder

We focus on developing and producing high level grinder.

Best Value Vacs
Better Way Venture Partners
BI Nutraceuticals

Sourcing, manufacturing, and supplying custom plant-based ingredients and blends for natural product applications.

Bibbeo Ltd.

The Bibbeo team will provide your business with proper monitoring of your cash flow and cash management. Bibbeo is dedicated to loss prevention.


BIC is a world leader in manufacturing stationery products, lighters and shavers.


We are a smart gardening start-up focused on precision aeroponics growing technology. 

Bio Hazard Inc

dispensary supplies, water pipes, pipes, and smoking accessories.

Biobizz World Wide Organics
Bioline Agrosciences
bioMerieux Inc.

bioMérieux provides diagnostic solutions (reagents, instruments, software) that determine the source of bacterial contamination to ensure consumer safety.


Biomist systems atomize alcohol into non-flammable aerosols that quickly clean and sanitize production facilities.

BIOS Lighting LLC

Biological Innovation and Optimization Systems (BIOS) proudly develops and sells the Icarus LED grow fixture


Instruments and Consumables for use in Medicinal Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Peptide Synthesis and Analytical Testing.


For 35 years, BioTherm has been developing highly efficient heating solutions for rugged environments. 

BioTrack THC

BioTrack THC aims to bring cannabis out of prohibition through transparency, accountability, and scalable growth.

Bizerba North America

BK Cash Management Services
Black Dog LED

design and manufacture of innovative high-power and high-yield LED grow lights.

Block and Company

manufacturer and distributor of cash handling products in North America.

Bloom Automation Inc.

Bloom Yellow Bottles
Blue Sky Biologicals
Bluelab Corporation

Designed to enable the optimum environment to grow.

BluePlanet Labs


Distributor of solutions-based digital identification, mobility, point-of-sale, RFID, digital signage, network infrastructure, and security technology.

Borroughs Corp

Vertical Cultivation Shelving Systems

Boston Capital Leasing

equipment leasing and financing company.


offers structure to the cannabis and hemp industries, bringing them closer together.

Boulderlamp, Inc.

Bouldin & Lawson

Automated soil mixing, bagging, and planting equipment.

Boundless Technology


inventor and patent holder of 2-way humidity control for packaging.

Braingrid Corporation

Bridgewell Agriculture
Brightfield Group

full-service market research firm focused on the Cannabis and CBD industries.


Buchi Corporation

laboratory and industrial solutions for the marijuana market. 

Bud Bar Displays

The Bud Bar Display product line was created exclusively for the cannabis industry.


Burns & Levinson, Cannabis Business Legal Advisory Group

a full-service, multi-practice law firm, with more than 125 lawyers throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

BWGS Full Spectrum Distribution

C21 Investments Incorporated

C21 Investments Inc. (CSE – CXXI). is a vertically integrated cannabis corporation that cultivates, processes, manufactures, and distributes quality cannabis and hemp-derived consumer products with brand recognition both in the United States and internationally.

CA 420 Properties

Cali Candy Kitchen

California Label Products
California LightWorks

manufacturer of high power LED grow lights in the U.S.


Calyx Containers

Improving the way that businesses are run in the legal marijuana industry and beyond.


Manufacturer of automated packaging systems for the medical cannabis and marijuana industries

CanCon Inc

delivers in-depth expertise in license procurement, facility design and optimization, operational management support, business development, branding, and marketing.

Cann Ag, Inc.

Canna Advisors

Delivers in-depth expertise in license procurement, facility design and optimization, operational management support, business development, branding, and marketing.

Cannabinoid Creations

Come sample our new line of CBD-infused food, drink & more!

Cannabis Benchmarks

Bringing Transparency And Efficiency To Cannabis Market Participants

Cannabis Big Data

Empowers licensed cannabis businesses to earn more and stress less by unlocking the power of their data.

Cannabis Business Times

Focuses on the grower/cultivator segment of the marketplace and provides you an unmatched platform to reach decision makers. 

Cannabis By Design

Engineering Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Centrifuges

Cannabis Centrifuges develops and manufactures safe and efficient technologies for the cannabis (oil) extraction and processing industry.

Cannabis Compliance Inc

Cannabis Drying Technologies

Infrared drying technique and systems

Cannabis Insurance Consultants
Cannabis Irrigation Supply

Designing and selling of custom irrigation systems

Cannabis Medical Network

Cannabis Medical Network for cannabis clinics, doctors’ offices and medical dispensaries.

Cannabis Property Brokers of Michigan

CannaBIZ Collects

Cannabis focused collection agency

Cannabiz Media

Marijuana & Hemp CRM With Industry Leads

CannabizTeam Staffing
Cannabis-focused staffing and recruitment company
Cannabolish by OMI Industries


Find the perfect strain, seed brokers, tips & tricks with our 8,000+ strain index.


When it has to be fresh, think CannaFresh!

Cannaline Custom Packaging Solutions

Serving the MMJ industry with custom packaging since 2010.


Take your labels from so-so to whoa!


We are a Vermont-based agency, committed to providing beautiful and creative solutions for the cannabis-industry.

Cannapoint / Mariner Business Solutions

Mariner Business Solutions (MBS) established in 1983 specializes in the Horticultural and Cannabis industry providing a full-service solution of both software and hardware.


CannaPro.co - Growing your bottom line!


Cannasure Insurance Services

Cannasure Insurance Services' is a full service wholesale broker and MGA.


Cannex Group. Building on Success - Your Partner for Growth

CannGen Insurance

Next Wave Insurance Services CannGen Insurance Services


The Everything Cannabis B2B Marketplace & More


Helps manufacturers to protect their brands reputation from counterfeiters.


CanopyBoulder Investment Fund & Business Accelerator

Capmatic one-stop shop for all cannabis packaging solutions

Capna Systems
Capna Systems is Pioneering Ethanol Extraction Methods
CapPlus Technologies

Carmi Flavors

Manufactures a vast selection of high quality natural, natural.artificial and artificial flavors in liquid or powder form for the entire food and beverage industries.

Cascade Sciences

Cascade Botanical's vacuum ovens are specifically designed to purge butane, propane, water & CO2 from cannabis extracts. 

CBG Biotech

CBG manufactures Cannabis Solvent Removal and Extraction Systems.

CEDR HR Solutions
Central Coast Garden Products


CenturionPro Solutions Inc.

The most distinctive quality of the CenturionPro brand is the Quantanium non stick coating on the tumblers.

Ceres Greenhouse Solutions


Certhon is worldwide active as turn-key developer and technical installer of modern greenhouses and indoor farms.

CGEE Solutions


Software to Streamline the Workflow of Cannabis Lab Testing

Changsha Xinglian Electric Power Automation Technology Co.,Ltd

we are experienced lighting factory since 2006

Charlotte's Web by The Stanley Brothers

Maker of premium full-spectrum hemp cannabinoid products.

Chart Inc.

Chart manufactures nitrogen dosing systems and vacuum insulated stainless steel pressure vessels

Licensed producer and manufacturer of medical and recreational cannabis in California.
Chemtech Services Inc.

Chemtech Services Inc. designs and manufactures short path distillation equipment based upon proprietary technology.


Software solutions provider for the seed-to-sale industry.

Chicago Culinary FX

Need to shape your edibles? We can help with custom molds. 

Chubby Gorilla, Inc.

Liquid packaging solutions

Cisco Eagle, Inc.

Cisco-Eagle helps vertical farming operations optimize storage, distribution and order fulfillment.

Cite Armored Inc.

Cannabis product packaging
ClearWater Tech

Provides Superior Water & Air Purification

Cleary Building Corp.

Professionally engineered and custom designed buildings

Climatic Dryroom Systems

Clones Marketplace

CO2 Meter Inc.

designer and manufacturer of gas detection and monitoring devices - mainly Carbon Dioxide. 

Code Corporation

Seed-2-Sale data capture and decoding solutions


Cold Shot Chillers

Increase Nutrient Uptake - Provide Proper Water Temperature

American-made cannabis display cases
Color Label Solutions

Provider of print on-demand color label systems

Colorado Extraction Systems

Industry leader of alcohol extraction and separation systems

Columbine Label Company

High Quality, Custom Printed •Labels •Tags •Shrink Sleeves •Flexible Packaging


Manufacturing seed to shelf equipment including, harvesting, processing, botanical extraction and post processing systems.

Commercial Hardware Group
COMPLED Solutions GmbH

The Hashcropter platform, The SUNsim platform

Complete Controller

cannabis bookkeeping services.

Compliant Packaging LLC

medical packaging development

Confident Cannabis

Bringing transparency to legal cannabis

Conley’s Manufacturing & Sales

supplier of quality greenhouse structures and related equipment

Consolidated Design West

Contamination Prevention Technologies, Inc.

Eliminate insects zero residue, elim/ prevent powdery mildew

Contempo Specialty Packaging
Cannabis packaging
Control Devices LLC

designer and manufacturer of check valves and controls for air compressor OEMs.

Control Union Certifications N.A. LLC

Branding, packaging and equipment solutions for the cannabis industry
Cool Clean Technologies LLC

Cooljarz ™ / Earthwise Packaging LLC
Supplier of marijuana packaging
Corner Plug

Corners Packaging
Folding cartons and Child Resistant Paperboard Packaging
Cover Cannabis

specialized insurance services for cannabis businesses

CRATIV Packaging
Child-resistant marijuana packaging
Creative Cannabis Promotions
Promotional marketing agency
Credence Filling Systems

manufactures cartridge filling systems

Cresco Labs, LLC

Our mission is to normalize and professionalize cannabis

Crum & Forster
information and insight into the current bonding requirements set by many states for medicinal and recreational businesses
CUE Marketplace


horticulture light bulb manufacturer, specializing in ceramic metal halide technology

Current Culture H2O

manufacturer of innovative hydroponic irrigation systems, premium plant nutrients and unique hydroponic accessories.

CV Sciences

developing, producing, marketing and selling raw materials and end-consumer hemp extracts containing cannabidiol (CBD).

Cvault FreshStor

18/10 food grade stainless steel container that works in conjunction with the Boveda 62 RH pak.

Cyco Platinum Series Nutrients

Plant nutrient purity, performance and technical advancement.

DAG WorldWide LLC

Truffoire Elevare

Dakine 420

fertilizers, media & natural pest control to maximize yield

Damatex Control Systems

horticulture climate and irrigation management

Darwin Chambers

Dauntless Inc.

Data network for the cannabis industry

DAVINCI Vaporizer

to develop a vaporization experience that delivers unprecedented levels of purity and precision.

DB Labs, LLC

De La Rue Authentication Solutions

 providing the tools and expertise to support brand revenue protection.


Greenhouse leads in growing environments

Dehumidified Air Solutions

Agronomic IQ - Grow Room Humidity & Temperature Control

Delta 9 Technologies
Developing methods for botanical extraction and refinement.
Delta Separations
Denver Vape & Play

Desert Aire LLC

Milwaukee-based manufacturer of commercial and industrial
dehumidification systems, environmental control systems and dedicated outdoor air systems.

Desert Pacific Properties

Cannabis Real Estate in the rapidly growing Southern California area

Destiny BioScience

Deutsche Process

Custom Sanitary Processing Equipment Manufacturer & Supplier for a broad range of the Industrial Hemp and Cannabis Industry.

Diamond CBD
DimLux Lighting
light fixtures for cannabis production
Dino-lite Scopes

Document Security Systems

authentication and brand protection solutions

Dome Group

Tailored technology and consultancy solutions


Dool International B.V.

Lifting and renovation of greenhouses

Dosatron International
Water-powered fertilizer injectors
Doug's Varin-THCV products

Down To Earth Distributors, Inc.
Dramm Corp

Supplied growers with products to enhance plant health.

Drs. & Co. CBD

Drug Plastics & Glass

Cannabis product packaging

Druk Engineering

provides sales, service and consulting; Installation, training, upgrades and retrofits for any manufacturer's equipment. 

DryGair - CannabiSolution

CannabiSolution, reduces humidity in cannabis greenhouses.

Duane Morris LLP

Attorneys are able to assist clients whose businesses intersect with the expanding legal cannabis sector.


Custom engineered fabric ductwork and diffuser products.

DUTCH Horticulture Professionals

DHP Total Indoor Solutions

Dutch Lighting Innovations

develops and manufactures supplemental lighting systems for the horticultural and indoor cultivation industries. 

Packaging solutions

one-part plant nutrient formulas

Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

odor removal

E+E Elektronik
Eagle Pneumatic Inc.
EcoGreen Industries
EcoPro Natural
Ecosorb by OMI Industries
Ecowater Servisoft
Element Air
Elevated Equipment Supply
Elf Extraction
Emerald Harvest
Emerald Metrics
Emerald Scientific
Encompass Technologies
Enerama Environmental Technologies Inc
Enhance America
Enlite Energy
Envirotech Cultivation Solutions
Erika Record Baking Equipment
Essential Innovations
Euwana Capital LLC
Evans MacTavish Agricraft Inc
Evolve Formulas
Excel Air Systems
Exhale Brands Nevada
Extract Consultants
ExtractionTek Solutions
Extreme Microbial Technologies
Extrutech Plastics, Inc.
Eybna Technologies
EZ Grow Systems
EZ Trim, LLC
FabricAir, Inc.
Faust BioAg
First Vape Technology
FlexMod Solutions
Floraplex Terpenes
Flourish Software
Fluence Bioengineering
Fluid Research
Fogco Systems
Food Makers Bakery Equipment
Forever Flowering Greenhouses
Foshan Growspec Eco-agriculture Technology Co.,Ltd
Fresh-Aire UV
Friday Night Inc.
Fritsch Milling & Sizing
Funk Sac
Fuss & O'Neill, Inc.
Futurola USA LLC
G&V Greenhouse Solutions
Gamer Packaging
General Cannabis
Genifer M Cannabis Inspired Jewelry
GFarma Brands
GGS Structures
Gilson, Inc.
Global Cannabinoids
Global Fertigation Solutions Inc.
Global Link Sourcing
Gold Coast Ingredients
Gold Leaf Packaging
Golden Leaf Holdings
Goldleaf Scientific LLC
Good Planet Laboratories
Gorilla Boost
gPod by Data Aire
Grasshopper Kiosks
Grassi & Co.
Grassroots Fabric Pots
Green Bits
Green CO2 Systems
Green Gorilla
Green House Brands
Green Mill Supercritical
Green Ocean Trading Company
Green Planet Wholesale
Green Rush Packaging
Green Tank Technologies Corp.
Green Team Total Security Solutions
GreenBroz, Inc.
Greener Grows
Greenery Maps
Greenfield Global
Greenlane Dispensary Services
GreenPath Industries
Greenspoon Marder LLP
GreenTech Environmental, LLC
Griffin Greenhouse Supplies
Gro-Tech Systems
Grove Bags
Grow Controlled, LLC
Grow Energy
Grow Green MI
Grower's Choice
Growers House
Growers Supply
Growex Corp
GrowFilm LLC
GrowFlow Traceability
GrowFlux LLC
Growth Science
GS Thermal Solutions
Habib Express
HAL Extraction
Happy Tree Microbes
Hardware Factory Store
Hardy Diagnostics
Harnois Greenhouses
Harvest Direct Enterprises
Harvest Right Freeze Dryers
HBI International
Heat and Control, Inc
Heidolph North America
Heliospectra AB | Montel Inc.
Helix TCS
HEMCO Corporation
Hemp Trading
HempMeds PX
Henkelman USA
Heyes Filters Inc.
Higgins Ag LLC
High Life Farms
High lites
High On Love
High Tide Ventures Inc.
Hightech Extracts LLC
Hippo Premium Packaging
HISIERRA Compliant Packaging
HM Digital Inc
Holland Gaas BV
Horticultural Solutions, LTD
Horticulture Lighting Group
House & Garden Nutrients
HOVE International Inc.
H-Pac Plastics
HQ Packaging
Huber USA
Humble + Fume
Humboldt County's Own
Hurricane Hydroponics
Hydraulics International Inc. (HII)
Hydrofarm Commercial Solutions
Hydrogarden Wholesale Supplies Ltd
Hydrologic Purification Systems
Hydroponics, Inc
I.W. Tremont Co., Inc.
Icon Foods
ID Logiq
IIW Entourage Delivery Systems Ltd.
IMPAK Corporation
IMPAK Retail Packaging
Indiva Advisors
Indose, Inc.
INET Corp.
Infinite Peripherals
Innovative Growers Equipment, Inc.
InSpire Transpiration Solutions
InStore Design Display
Integra by Desiccare
Intermetro Industries
Invictus MD
Iris Gummies
Isolate Extraction Systems Inc.
Jade Systems
Javo USA
JBM Packaging
JR Peters
Julian Marley / JuJu Royal
Jupiter Research, LLC
JWC Environmental
K-1 Packaging Group
Kaeser Compressors
Kandypens Inc
Kaufman & Associates, LLC
Kaya Packaging
Keenpack Industrial Limited
Key International
KIND Financial
Kind LED Grow Lights
Kindred Wolf
Kinsley Energy Systems
Knalysis Technologies
KNF Neuberger
Komline- Sanders
Kurz Transfer Products
Kush Bottles
Kush Marketplace
Kyte Centrifuge, LLC
Lab Society
Label Impressions
Labels West
Labfirst Scientific
Lanxi Gold Lion Lighting
Law Offices of Jeffrey B Kahn P.C.
LBC Bakery Equipment, Inc.
Leaf Logix
Leaf Tyme
Leafbuyer Technologies Inc.
LeafLink, Inc.
Lennox Industries
Lifetime Coatings
Lighthouse Global Solutions
Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions
Lightning Labels
Lilu's Garden
Link4 Greenhouse Controls
Linked Equipment LLC
Loda Enterprises
Ludvig Svensson, Inc
Luna Technologies
lushSensor LLC
Luxtronex Electronics Co. Ltd
M.O. Industries
M.W. Watermark
Mabre Canada Inc.
Mad Chemist
MainStem Inc.
Mammoth Microbes
Maratek Environmental
March Networks
Marijuana Business Daily
Marijuana Policy Project
MariMed Advisors
Marrone Bio
Mary Agrotechnologies Inc.
Mary's List
Master Vapor Pumps
Masterdam, LLC
Mean Green Machine LTD
Med Recs to Go
Medicinal Genomics
Medicine Man Technologies
Mestek, Inc.
Meteor Systems
Method Seven
Meyking Enterprise
MFG Tray Company
Micro Grow Greenhouse Systems
Microbe Life Hydroponics
Milford Enterprises
Miller Metallizing and Coating
Miller Soils
MJ Freeway
MJ12 Design Studio, Inc.
Monkey Pak Me
MRX Xtractors
Ms Mary Staffing
MSW Plastics
Multiverse Capital
MUNCH Machine
N2 Packaging Systems LLC
NAI Capital
Nanolux Technology
Nate Controls
National Engineering & Consulting, Inc.
Native American Agriculture Company
Natural Enemies
Netwatch USA
New Age Industrial
New Frontier Data
Next G3N Greenhouse
NexTec Group
Nexus Greenhouse Systems
Niagara Label Company Inc.
Nine Point Strategies
Nova Biomatique Inc.
NuAxon BioScience
Nudo Products, Inc
NUUO Surveillance Solutions
O2 Grow
Oaksterdam University
OCO Labs
Olshen's Bottle Supply
Once Again Nut Butter
ONE Cannabis
Optic Foliar
Orange Photonics Inc.
Outlaw Technology
P&L Sales Group, Inc.
Pacific Packaging Products
Pack Leader USA
Palram Applications Ltd.
Paragon Payroll
Parkway Plastics
PAX Labs
Peripheral Resources
Pester USA, Inc.
Phoenix Glass LLC
PhytoTechnology Laboratories
Pinnacle Climate Technologies
Pipe Zone Wholesale
Pipp Horticulture
PL Light Systems
Planet 13
Pleasant Hill Grain
Pope Scientific, Inc.
Porta-King Building Systems
Pot Pots
Precision Cultivation Systems
Precision Extraction Solutions
Presto Labels
Price Industries
Prime Line Packaging
Pro Chiller Systems
ProdLink, Inc.
Project Make
ProMinent Fluid Controls, Inc.
Provident Construction Inc
Prudential Overall Supply
Pueblo County Dept of Economic Development
Pure Extraction
Purity Cannabis
Purpl Scientific
Purple Haze Properties
Quadron Cannatech
Quality Coachworks
Quantum Leaf Solutions
Quest Dehumidifiers
Quintet Ventures Inc.
Quiver Fabrications
Rad Source Technologies Inc.
RAE Corporation
Randy's (SNT)
Realm of Caring
Rees Scientific
ReLi Grow Systems
Remo Brands
Resolve Digital Health
Restorative Botanicals
Retail Control Systems
ReThink Labels
Revelry Supply
Revolution Microelectronics
Rhythm Cultivation Solutions & Services, LLC
Ricca Chemical Company
Riceland Foods
Ricker Thermline Inc.
Ridder North America
Robot Coupe
Rocky Mountain Bobs
Rolland Safe & Lock Company
Rook Industry, Inc.
Root Pouch
Root Sciences
RotaChrom Technologies Ltd.
Royal Gold
Rugged Building Services
RW Group, LLC
RX Green Technologies
Safe Solutions
Sage Analytics
Sail Cannabis
Sambo Creeck Filtration
Sana Packaging
Santa Cruz Shredder
Sanuvox Technologies
Schaefer Technologies, Inc.
Schutte-Buffalo Hammermill
Seco Industries
Secure Products Corp.
Securitech Group
seed technology
Segra International Corp.
Sempermed USA, Inc
Sensi Magazine
Seven Point Interiors
Shanghai Cannabiz Packaging Co. Ltd.
Shanghai YHCHEM Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Babyton Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Bauway Tech Ltd., Co
Shenzhen Boomled Technology, Inc.
Shenzhen ECAP Technology Co LTD
Shenzhen FY Lighting
Shenzhen Hleef Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited
Shenzhen Spark Optoelectronic Co LTD
Shenzhen Transpring Enterprise Ltd.
Shenzhen YGreen Technology Co., Ltd
Shield Security Doors
Shimadzu Scientific Instr., Inc.
SHO Products LLC
SidSam Formilan Machines Pvt Ltd
Sierra Bags
Silver Bait
Silver Bullet Water Treatment
SIVA Enterprises
Slater Builders
Smart Fog
Smart Pot
SoCal Safe Company
Softgel Co.
Solidlite Corporation
Solid-Lite Inc
SolisTek Digital Lighting
So-Low Environmental Equipment Co., Inc.
Source CBD, LLC
SpaceSaver Corporation
Spanish Seeds
SpecGrade LED
Specialty Insurance Partners
Specified Air Solutions
Spectrum King LED
Speedee Trim
Speedgrow Green
SPEX SamplePrep
Star Micronics America, Inc.
Starrco Grow Rooms
START International
Starview Packaging Machinery, Inc.
StashLogix, Inc.
Stiiizy LLC
STM Canna
STO Responsible
Stolze Agro Int'l B.V.
Strainwise Consulting
Strimo LP
Sumas Gro Media LTD
Summit Research
SunGrown Packaging
Sunscape LED
Supercritical Fluid Technologies, Inc.
Superlok USA
Surefire Manufacturing
Sustainable Plant Solutions
Synergy Agricultural Products
Taral Plastics Containers
Terpene Fresh
Terpene Warehouse
Tetra Pak
Thar Process
THC Automation
THC Label Solutions
THC Safety
The Arcview Group
The Bucket Company
The CannaCPA's
The Capsule Group
The Clear
The Clinic Consulting
The Factory Shop
The Flavor Company
The Green Organic Dutchman
The GrowBiz
The Hybrid Creative
The Medicine Woman
The Original Resinator
The Terpene Store
The Triminator
Thomas Packaging
Thompson Coburn LLP
Thompson Duke Industrial, LLC
THR Technologies
Thrive Agritech
Thrive Growing
Titan Fittings
Toker Poker
Tomric Systems Inc.
Total Energy Group Inc.
Total Pharmacy Supply
TRG Technology Recovery Group
Tri State Distribution
TriGrow Systems Inc.
TrolMaster Agro Instruments Ltd
True Liberty Bags
True Terpenes
Tsujiko Co.,Ltd
Tundra Restaurant Supply
Twister Trimmer
Two Roots
Underwriters Laboratories
Unit Farm System Supply
United Cannabis Corp
United Label
Universal Custom Display
US Global Resources
US Hemp Wholesale
Ushio America, Inc.
V Farm
Vacuubrand, Inc. & BrandTech Scientific
Vacuum Barrier Corporation
Valoya LED Grow Lights
Van Der Hoeven
Vanguard Scientific Systems
Vapor Connoisseur
Vegamatrix/Kyle Kushman
Vifra S.r.l.
Vincent Corporation
Viridian Sciences a Navigator Company
Viridian Staffing
Viridios Systems
Vital Garden Supply
Vitalis Extraction Technology Inc.
Vuber Technologies
Wadsworth Control Systems
Waters Corporation
WebSafe Cash Management Solutions
Weekend Unlimited Inc.
Welch Vacuum
Western Steel Buildings
Willow Industries
Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker
Wilson Safe Company
Witlon Elevated Consulting
Wizard Pins
Worldwide Facilities, INC.
Worldwide Safe & Vault, Inc.
WRH Industries, Ltd.
Xabis, Inc.
Xtra Laboratories
Xtraction Services, LLC
Xtractor Depot
Xtreme Cubes
Xtreme Gardening
Your Green Contractor
Zarbeco, LLC
Zem Media
Zeon Corporation
Zhejiang Leipeide Technology Co., Ltd
ZWART Systems

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