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What's Your Industry? Parkway Plastics has been manufacturing high-quality, recyclable, refillable, reusable plastic jars, plastic containers, plastic caps, liners, and more for over 70 years! Servicing cosmetic, health and beauty, pharmaceutical, medical device, drug and supplement packaging, slime and speed mixer customers worldwide. Listed below is just a small sampling of the industries we serve - simply click an industry image to Browse & Buy jars and products that are commonly purchased in that category.

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*Most of our jars are stocked in White PP, Clarified PP and Clear Polystyrene and can be customized in any of our stock colors. All of the Plastic Jars and Caps that we manufacture are refillable, reusable, recyclable and BPA and phalate-free have been proudly made in the USA for over 70 years.

Air Fresheners Industry

Jars for Air Fresheners 

Arts and Crafts Industry

Jars for Arts and Crafts

 Automotive Industry

Jars for Automotive

 Baking Industry

Jars for Baking

Beard & Barbers

Beard & Barber Jars


Jars for Biotechnology 

Body Butter Jars

Jars for Body Butters and Scrubs

Cannabis Containers

Cannabis Containers and Closures (CRC)

Car Wax

Jars for Car Wax

Creams & Lotions

Jars for Creams & Lotions

Building & Construction

Jars for Construction 

Cosmetics and Makeup Jars

Cosmetics & Makeup Jars


 Dental Jars

Dietary Supplements

Jars for Dietary Supplements

 Food Grade

 Food Grade Jars 

Forensics & Evidence

Jars for Forensics & Evidence


Hospitality Jars

Industrial Use

Jars for Industrial

Ink & Paints

Jars for Inks & Paints

Jewelry Cleaner Jars

Jewelry Cleaner Jars & Baskets


Jars for Lab Use


 Medical Devices Packaging

 Jars for Medical Device Packaging


Nail Care

Jars for Nail Dip Powder, Acrylic Powders & UV Gels

Peanut Butter Jars

Peanut Butter Jars

Personal Care Jars

Personal Care

Pharmaceutical Jars

Pharmaceutical Jars


 Pomade and Haircare Jars 


Jars for Samples


Sanitation Jars


Jars for School Storage and Science Kits

Shaving Soap

Shaving Soap Jars



Slime & Slime Sprinkles

 Jars for Slime and Slime Sprinkles

Environmental & Soil Sampling

Jars for Environmental & Soil Sampling

Spices & Rubs

 Jars for Spices & Rubs

What's Your Industry?

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Air Freshener Jars

Alternatives to Plastic Tubs 

Apothecary Jars

Automotive Part Storage Jars

Caps for Plastic Bottles Manufacturers 

Car Wax Container & Jars

Construction Jars

Containers & Packaging Distributors & Fillers Plastic Jars

Contract Fillers & Decorators Jars

Drug Testing Kit & Urine Specimen Jars

Electronic Part Storage Jars

Environmental Sampling Jars

Hospitality Jars

In-Home Food Delivery & Meal-Kits Jars 

Jars for Biotechnology

Jars for Confectionery & Cake Decorating Supplies

Jars for Flavorings Packaging

Jars For Food Packaging

Jars For Product Samples & Give- a-ways

Janitorial/Sanitation Jars

Jewelry Cleaner Jars, Baskets & Brushes

Laboratory & Specimen Jars

Medical Marijuana Jars

Nail Care, Salon & Spa Jars

Nutraceuticals & Supplement Jars 

Nuts, Bolts and Fixings Storage

Plastic Jars For Pomades

Personal Care Jars

Plastic Jars For Scrubs & Body Butters

Plastic Jars For Spices & Rubs

Plastic Jars to Package Medical Devices

Plastic Jars for Home & Garden

Paint, Inks, Dyes and Coatings Jars

Petroleum & Oil Jars

Pharmaceutical Jars

Tissue & Organ Storage Jars



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