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Nail Dip Powders, Acrylic Powders & UV Gels

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Nail Dip Powders, Acrylic Powders & UV Gels

Our plastic jars have many uses, and some of the more popular ones happen in nail care, salon, and spa settings. Dipping Powder, one of the newest nail trends in nail salons & spas are all the rage. The more colorful the dipping powder the better. Show off your colorful dipping powders and nail dip powders in our beautiful high-quality thick wall styrene jars. Our empty PS jars are great for nail powders. These premium thick wall plastic jars are perfect for packaging nail dip powders in all colors. Packaging nail gels, UV gels or Acrylic gels? Try our white or black thick wall polypropylene plastic jars and caps for Acrylic and UV gels. Whether you prefer the classic pink and white of a french manicure or something more fun and colorful Parkway Plastics has a huge selection of empty plastic jars and caps for UV base gels and UV gel top coats, crystal powder nail gels and more!

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