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Powder Packaging - Plastic Jars and Containers for Powders - Different Color Jars Available

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Packaging for powder products may seem a bit tricky, but with some guidance and a few packaging accessories, you'll be on your way. Metal powders, make-up powders, food powders (powdered milk), nail powders, energy drink powders... or the addicting coffee powder  (a.k.a ground coffee)... With so many different powders out there, there are a few characteristics that remain the same for loose powders. 

Powders are very fine dry particles that can get turned into a creamy paste if mixed with water. Because powders are such fine particles, l
oose powders may flow and spread if the plastic jar or container gets tilted or shaken. They can sometimes be difficult to store and gather in place as they tend to easily make messes. Discs may help but it's important to complete product testing. Unfortunately, product testing has become an undervalued process to some product developers out there. The benefits of completing throughout testing of jars and packaging are too many for it to be a topic that doesn't get any attention today. Packaging development for products includes requesting samples and trying out the jars with your powder before ordering jars in bulk.  

Packaging comes in all different kinds of shapes. Start by deciding the type of look you want your product to have. Do you want a low profile cosmetic jar or are you trying to find a taller jar with a small mouth opening? Is clear styrene your thing? Maybe you even want to add a touch of color to that clear styrene plastic jar? If you're instead trying to find a sturdier plastic jar, then you might be looking for the polypro (polypropylene) jar. The more questions you answer related to packaging design, the closer you'll be towards finding a plastic jar for your powder product.

 - Make sure you keep your shelf-strategy in mind!

Need a plastic jar for ground coffee? Wouldn't that be a fun packaging idea! Here are some options: Try  Parkway's 24-ounce 120 mm single wall container Parkway's 32oz 120 mm regular wall jar, or 
Parkway's largest 40 ounce 120 mm single wall jar

Parkway has years of experience of working with packaging for powder products. We understand that cost is important to you and we strive to offer the highest quality plastic jars to the world with low lead times.  Parkway's plastic jars are manufactured in the USA with high-quality precision and care. 

Whether you choose a single wall jar, such as Parkway's  "Regular Wall Jar" or a thicker wall jar, like Parkway's "Thick Wall", your powder product will have a very nice appeal. 

Powders are often colorful particles which look beautiful when packaged in a clarified jar or glass-like clear plastic container. A solid color jar with a fun label can also be super pretty! Let's say you have a "Strawberry Powder" or a "Cherry Eye Shadow"... then you might be interested in a custom color plastic jar along the red scale. Check out these colors from Parkway's selection....


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Company Description: Parkway Plastics Inc. is well known for their “Parkway Jars”, which represents not only what they manufacture but also who they are. Parkway believes in high-quality USA-based plastic processing & excellent customer service, which naturally results in delivering beautiful plastic jars and caps to satisfied customers. Parkway's Stock Product Inventory comes in Clear Styrene, Clarified Polypropylene, White PP and Black PP and ranges in size from 1/8 ounce to 40 ounces and 33mm to 120mm. The following styles are available: Regular Wall (Thin wall), Thick Wall (Straight Bottom), Thick Wall (Tapered), Thick Wall (Frostique) and Parkway's New: Thick Wall (Round Bottom) jars! Caps are stocked in Smooth, Ribbed and Domed. In addition, all jars and caps can be molded in custom colors, decoration services such as offset, silkscreen, pad printing and labeling are also available.

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