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Can't decide what size opening you need? Need a low-profile or a round bottom jar? Check out our Regular Wall and Thick Wall category pages to find your desired shape and size.

*Please Note - thumbnails may not be to scale*

*Most of our jars are stocked in White PP, Clarified PP and Clear Polystyrene and can be customized in any of our stock colors. All of the Plastic Jars and Caps that we manufacture are refillable, reusable, recyclable and BPA and phalate-free have been proudly made in the USA for over 70 years.

Regular Wall Jars

Our multi-purpose regular wall jars range from 1/4 ounce to 40 ounce capacity. These jars have large printing and decorating areas and can be used with automatic filling and capping machines. The bead or lip on the jars just under the threads acts as a protective barrier for the side wall of the container during shipping and storage. This bead also helps secure a tamper evident shrink band when one is used.

Straight Bottom Thick Wall Jars

Parkway's solid thick wall jars range from 1/4 ounce to 16 ounce capacity. These jars are very popular with the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Not to be confused with lighter, more fragile double wall jars, this line has a solid feel, whether full or empty, conveying a unique sense of quality to the consumer.

Round Bottom Thick Wall Jars

Parkway's Thick Wall Jar also come with a round bottom. Round bottoms convey a unique look to consumers - give something unique to your customers! 

Tapered Thick Wall Jars

Our Thick Wall Jars also offer a Style choice of tapered wall jars. A solid look and a solid jar!

Frostique Jars 

Make your packaging stand out with Parkway's Frostique Jars. The frostique style option will catch your customer's eye, even from a distance. Available in Thick Wall 70 mm 4 oz, and Thick Wall 53mm 2 oz. Discover what the right jar-style can do for your business today.

Double Wall Jars

Our Double Wall jars are of the highest quality construction and come with round or square bottoms. They are stocked in white with polypropylene inners and polypropylene outers or polypropylene inners and polystyrene outers. Cosmetic in appearance, they are a great choice for a variety of different uses.

Blow-Molded PET Jars

Parkway's blow molded PET spa jars are perfect for almost any application. Food grade, manufactured with FDA approved materials, these jars also tend to stand up well to heavy fragrances, essential oils, salts, soaks, scrubs and other products that can sometimes cause compatibility headaches.

Snap Lock Containers

Parkway manufactures snap-lock wax containers in Clear Styrene, Natural PP and White PP. These snap-lock containers MUST be used with the appropriate Parkway Plastics snap-lock lids or they will not seal properly. Lids are stocked in PP and HDPE in White and Natural. PP containers use PE lids and Styrene containers use PP lids. It is important to note that the polypropylene lids will not fit on the PP containers and visa versa. In addition, our standard CT-400 caps will not fit these jars.


Fun Fact: The largest size container you can bring on board a flight in your carry-on is 3.4 ounces. 

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