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Best Packaging for Acrylic Powders, Here's what the Nail Industry Prefers..... Plastic Jars for Nail Powders - Wholesale Jars

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Acrylic powders aren’t all the same, some are fine and others are medium-fine, and then we have the coarse powders. Acrylic powders also differ along the dry scale... Technicians that prefer a dry powder might be extra picky if your powder states DRY but then actually requires a wet consistency.  Keep that in mind when developing your acrylic powder!  Acrylic powders for nail care (or in spanish: acrilicos para uñas), are a blend of polymethacrylates, which in other words are polymers soluble in monomers. 

Packaging your fine, medium-fine or coarse acrylic powders should be done with great care, from the filling process through shipping transits. Why is this so important? Well, Acrylic powders tend to often be packaged and stored in Styrene jars, and Styrene is a very brittle plastic material. Styrene jars may make your acrylic powders shine if your powder is compatible with the styrene jar. Imagine your acrylic powder all done and packaged in a glass-like beautiful jar… that’s styrene for you! However, it's important that you are aware of how brittle styrene really is. The only way to find this out is by completing your own testing. This is very important because styrene might not work for everyone. Polypropylene might become your best friend if you, through testing, find that styrene doesn't have what it takes.  Whatever your product testing results say, a  2 ounce 53mm thick wall jar may do the trick for your acrylic powder, or why not try the 4oz 70 mm thick wall jar! Figure out what ounce capacity you need for your nail powder and please remember to do your own product testing. If you aim to follow the trend of the styrene jar that seems to emerge in the nail and SPA industry, make sure your product testing goes above and beyond what you think a product testing process entails. But just because it's a trend, it doesn't mean that you're limited to just that jar. Like I mentioned, If Styrene doesn't work, try Parkway's equally beautiful Polypropolyne jars, these will be a much better option if you're even slightly worried about compatibility even after you completed your own testing. Other stunning jars that work great with nail powders and acrylic powders are the Thick Wall 1/2 ounce 43 mm & the Thick Wall 1 oz 43 mm plastic jar.

Reach out to us if you have any questions regarding our jars.

Worth mentioning is also Parkway's decorating and printing services. Silkscreen printing is a popular choice among customers that purchase plastic jars for acrylic powders from Parkway Plastics. 

Parkway can help you with your packaging needs today, check out our plastic jars for Nail Care and Acrylic Powders here:

(Ref. (Parkway Plastics Inc. is not responsible for product compatibility). 

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