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Wholesale Jars for Nail Supplies: Clear Nail Care Jars - Packaging for Nail Accessories and Nail Powders

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May it be Advanced Sculpting Powders, Acrylics, Tips, or Nail Supplies, Packaging for Nail Products can be Easy Peasy with Clear Plastic Jars from Parkway Plastics. 

Nail Packaging is so much more than just bottles for nail polish. Nail Technicians understand the need for beautifully packaged nail supplies! Jars are great for many uses, let all your nail supplies be packed with style!  

Nail trends come and go, but clear plastic jars for your nail care supplies will always come in handy! Especially if you and your company develop new products on a regular basis for the nail industry.

           Nail supplies that you can put in our clear plastic jars include nail powders, acrylics, art accessories, tips and beautifully crafted art accessories for nail art. 

  1. Jars for Nail Care, Salon & SPA

    To get a good understanding of the jars and containers that we offer to the nail and SPA industry, please visit For Nail Care, Salon, & Spa.  We carry a large selection of cosmetic jars. This section of our website features manicure containers and SPA jars often used by our customers in the Nail Industry:

  2. Jars for Acrylics

    When building artificial nails such as acrylics, many nail professionals prefer Parkway's styrene jars for Acrylic Powders. There are a bunch of things you should know when it comes to Packaging Acrylic Powders. Acrylic powders are a blend of polymethacrylates, which means that they are polymers soluble in monomers and needs to be packed with care.  Learn more about Packaging for Acrylics here: "Best Packaging for Acrylic Powders, Here's what the Nail Industry Prefers..... Plastic Jars for Nail Powders - Wholesale Jars"

  3. Colored Jars for Nail Accessories and Nail Supplies

    Clear Jars can be filled with any of your Nail Polishes (larger container), Shellacs, Glitter Tips,  Powders, Creams, Lotions, or Nail Art Accessories! From 1/4 oz to 40 oz... We can help you find the plastic jar you need! 

           Just like nail polishes come in different colors, so does our jars. Get any of Parkway's clear styrene or PP jars in a custom color! Learn more about our custom colors here.

    Choose from more than 150 colorants.
    This Green Styrene Jar may be Perfect for your Nail Supplies!

  4. Jars for Nail Powders

    Last but not Least, read the blog post on "Powder Packaging". It covers all different kinds of powder packaging. Powder products are fine particles and this information can be useful and important if you are developing a powder product. Clear Acrylic powders need a durable plastic jar! Learn more about Powder Packaging here. Finding a good plastic jar or container for your Nail Powders doesn't have to be that hard!

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