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Pride Cosmetics and Makeup Jars

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Pride Cosmetics and Makeup

Queens and companies in the cosmetics, nail and beauty care industries LOVE Parkway's gorgeous, crystal clear styrene jars and smooth caps.

Parkway also stocks white, black and natural clarified polypropylene jars. These polished jars are available in a spectacular opulence of sizes and styles, as well as a rainbow of colors! 

If you prefer sleek and slender, try our Regular Wall Jars. Cheesecake more your style? Try our Thick Wall Jars. Need Glamazon jars for makeup applicators or combs? Try our tall, 89mm 20oz containers, or opt for a wide-mouth 32 ounce container and fill up with Magenta Madness, Lavendar Blast, or Diva Pink Sprinkles to nestle your brushes into!

We've got small jars for powders, resins, lip gloss, acrylics, gels and glitter too! 

Come Through for the Eleganza Extravaganza of Parkway's Pride Jars and Beauty Packaging! 

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