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Consumers' move towards Natural Cosmetics leads to Environmentally friendly packaging

I am sure that you, like many others, share in the growing concern and realization that what we put on and in our bodies greatly effects our bodies and our world. It is no surprise then that the Natural Skin Care and Cosmetic Industries are booming. In addition, with stores like Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, [...]

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Are you searching for BPA free FDA approved jars?

Look no further! Parkway Plastics has the BPA free FDA Approved jars you need. Parkway Plastics has been in the container manufacturing business for over 65 years. As a stock and custom plastic manufacturer, we use only BPA free FDA approved resins, colorants and materials because we care about you, your families, your customers and [...]

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Looking to buy 7g Plastic Jars & Caps for your Application?

We have the perfect 7 gram plastic jar for all of your packaging needs. Our straight sided 10 ml jars (1/4 ounce jars) are all FDA-Approved, BPA Free and Phthalate-Free, Reusable and Recyclable. With 3 styles to choose from 7 g Straight-Sided Regular Wall Jar, 1/4 ounce Straight-Sided Double Wall Jar and 0.25 oz Straight Sided Thick [...]

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Plastic Jar Lingo: When your jar gives you "lip"

"Regular Wall" Straight Sided Plastic Jars vs. "Thick Wall" Straight Sided Plastic Jars - The Difference is in the "Lip!"Wholesale, Manufacturer-Direct, Regular Wall, Straight Sided, Single Wall Plastic Jars manufactured by Parkway Plastics are unique in the fact that they have a visible "lip" around the circumference of the jar that the cap sits on. This [...]

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1/2oz Parkway Plastics plastic jars and caps - Small Containers that make a HUGE impact!

A 1/2 an ounce may not seem like much, why a 0.5oz container only holds 14 grams or 15 mls, BUT when your half ounce plastic container is a Parkway Jar that tiny plastic jar can have a huge impact on your customers and your sales!From paints to creams to gels to dusts to powders [...]

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A Tale of 2 Jars... 1/2oz 53mm Clear Thick wall Jar vs 1/2oz 43mm Clear Thick wall jars - Samples, Give-a-ways and Promotions - Parkway Plastics Promotional "Jelly Bean Jars"

Two of our most popular jars for sampling and promotions are our 1/2 oz 53 jars and our 1/2 oz 43 mm Jars. First, lets look at our 1/2 oz 53 mm Low Profile "Hockey Puck" Style Jars If you have ever been to a trade show where Parkway Plastics has been, you undoubtedly have been either [...]

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Plastic Jars for Food Storage

Whether you are a Green Chef or wear a Blue Apron, carry a Sun Basket or are simply cooking out of Terra's Kitchen, we are all looking for new and easy ways to prep, store, Plate and portion our food.Not to mention keep our food as Fresh as possible for as long as possible! I [...]

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Plastic Packaging for Sugaring and Sugar Warmers

As a manufacturer of hair removal and skin epilation products, we understand that you are looking for a cost-effective way to package your body sugaring products, exfoliants and depilatories.  As a industry leading plastic jar manufacturer, we understand that your needs don't just stop there. You also want something that is of a premium quality, that [...]

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​Sugaring and waxing: What's the difference anyway?

Body Sugaring Sugaring is a method of hair removal that dates back to ancient Egyptian times. It is said that the women of that time would use lemon juice, sugar and water to create a sticky wax-like mixture to get rid of unwanted body hair. Today, that recipe still remains and is used by organic body [...]

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Inexpensive, premium quality, BPA-free, reusable, recyclable, customizable "Give-a-way Type" Shaker Jars

The Meal replacement and supplement market is ever-changing. According to an independent study by Markets and Markets, The Weight Loss and Weight Management Market will be worth $206.4 Billion by 2019.Competition is fierce and as a result it can be difficult for manufacturers to stand out in an already crowded marketplace. With so many different water [...]

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