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Podcast: Is Trade Show Marketing Worth the Expense for Manufacturers? || The Industrial and Manufacturing Podcast

In a recent interview with Paul Kiesche of Aviate Creative, Tegan James, marketing and social media manager at Parkway Plastics Inc, shared Parkway's experience with trade-show marketing for manufacturers.Be sure to bookmark our blog and keep an eye out for the article which will be published in a few weeks (we'll post a link to it on our [...]

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The Five Things Product Packaging Must Do - Cusps

Searching the sea of internet for something new, if no easy task, especially when it comes to Marketing. I often find, while many articles on Marketing are interesting, they aren't new. They are often much of the same old, same old, or nothing more then common sense. Seldom do you find an article that really [...]

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Open Bottom Jars for the Cannabis Market have Excellent Display Appeal

   Designed with the Cannabis market in mind, the False Bottom / Open Bottom Jar provides an ideal storage environment ready to meet your packaging requirements.False Bottom Jars for CBD creams, has excellent display appeal and a large label space.Browse & Buy False Bottom / Open Bottom Jars Here

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​NECANN Atlantic City 2019 Recap

Atlantic City is well known for its casinos and nightlife but this weekend cannabis was in the spotlight. NECANN's New Jersey Cannabis Convention took over the Atlantic City Expo Center and offered the public a chance to mix and mingle with companies that stretched across America. The convention included about seventy-five booths to shop from and [...]

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Natural Foods Packaging from Parkway Plastics

We are so looking forward to meeting all of our customers current and future at the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, MD September 12th - 14th."Celebrate Organic At Expo EastWe value organic and feel that organic growing practices reflect good stewardship of the land and are an important characterization of honoring a more sustainable [...]

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Unlike the hot dog bun industry, We've evolved!

Have you ever wondered why hot dogs are sold 10 to a pack and hot dog buns are only sold 8 to a pack? According to's blog, The Blog, "Meatpackers sell by the pound and most hotdogs weigh a tenth of a pound. [Where as] Buns are typically baked in eight roll pans." The [...]

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Introducing our NEW Plastic Jar and Cap Combo Cases - Finally Plastic Jars + Lids Sold Together in 1 Box!!!

We are super excited to announce that in addition to buying plastic jars and caps separately at wholesale, you can now buy many of our most popular plastic jars and caps together in what we are calling our new "COMBO" cases. These plastic jars with caps COMBO boxes are great because they are nicely organized, [...]

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Buying Plastic Jars & Caps just got a lot easier! NOW you can buy Plastic Jars & Lids together!!!

33mm Jars & Tops Sold TogetherBuy ¼ ounce Plastic Containers with Tops - Introducing our NEW - 1/4oz 33mm Plastic Jar & Lids Combo Case (2100 pcs)Buy ½ ounce Plastic Containers with Tops - Introducing our NEW - 1/2oz 33mm Plastic Jar & Lids Combo Case (1470 pcs) Buy 7/8 ounce Plastic Containers with Tops - Introducing our [...]

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Socks come in pairs, Why shouldn't your plastic jars and Caps?!

Did you ever wonder why socks come in pairs, seems like a silly questions right? Probably because you have two feet! Well if you buy 150 jars, why can't you buy the matching quality of caps to match? Just seems logical right? Well for years Parkway Plastics has sold plastic jars and caps to the [...]

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Plastic Jars with Lids: Parkway Plastics offers Combo Cases in a variety of sizes and styles

Plastic Jars with Lids: Parkway Plastics offers Combo Cases in a variety of sizes and styles: 33mm Combo Cases Plastic Jars with Lids Combo Case (2100 pcs) : 33mm - 1/4 oz Plastic Jars with Lids Combo Case (1470 pcs) : 33mm - 1/2 oz Plastic Jars with Lids Combo Case (1260 pcs) : 33mm - 7/8 oz 43mm Combo [...]

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