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Parkway Plastics' Clear Containers Top Choice For Popular Slimers

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Parkway Jars and Clear Containers Top Choice For Slime-Makers

Parkway Plastics Inc. is not only your "one stop jar shop" but it's a top choice for slime-makers (aka 'slimers') when shopping around for high-quality, durable, shatter-proof containers for storing play slime.

Containers like the one pictured below are popular choices for slimers because they come in a  variety of sizes, styles and colors too! 

These wide-mouth polypropylene jars make it easy to store and remove slime. While styrene (clear) is typically what novice slimers will turn to, these see-through, clarified regular-wall jars offers peace of mind when it comes to shipping. 

Oftentimes, a customer excited about purchasing slime is disappointed upon opening their package to find the styrene has cracked during transit due to the items not having been correctly and safely packaged. 

No worries! Parkway Plastics to the rescue! In the review video below, Instagram slimer ( @sonriaslime) demonstrates the durability of Parkway Jars (volume up!):


hat is the most popular size container for storing slime? At Parkway Plastics, our slime-making and slime-selling customers typically order the following sizes and styles of jars and caps:

Regular Wall 100mm 8oz Clarified Container by Parkway Plastics Inc

1. 70 mm 6 oz Regular Wall Jar & Matching 70 mm Smooth Cap

2. 89 mm 6 oz Regular Wall Jar & Matching 89 mm Smooth Cap

3. 100 mm 6 oz Regular Wall Jar & Matching 100 mm Smooth Cap

4. 100 mm 8 oz Regular Wall Jar & Matching 100 mm Smooth Cap



Do you know Parkway offers Shrink Sleeves?

What Is Shrink Sleeve Packaging?

For extra protection from leakage during transportation, use a shrink sleeve around your containers! We have shrink sleeves for slimes jars in popular sizes including:

70mm Regular Wall


83mm Regular Wall


89mm Regular Wall


100mm Regular Wall




What Are Slime Containers Called? Regular Wall Jars, Regular Wall Containers; Thick Wall Jars, Thick Wall Containers

How to Get Slime Containers
Wondering where to buy slime containers? Visit ParkwayJars.com's slime containers page, where you can order sample jars and matching lids in a wide variety of sizes and styles that are popular in the slime-making industry.
To view the most commonly purchased slime containers, visit Parkway's slime page here: https://parkwayjars.com/categories/browse-jars/plastic-jars-by-industry/slime-jars-and-containers-with-lids.html

How To Make Slime Containers - If you've just made a batch of slime and hadn't yet considered how to store your slime, you can craft your own slime container using a plastic cup cut to size and
cover it with some plastic wrap; however this could get messy, and if you're looking to share or sell your slime on Etsy, you may be ready for a professional, high-quality slime storage container.
Parkway Plastics Inc. manufactures these regular wall containers that are see-through (we call them "Clarified") and they come in a variety of sizes that are popular in the slime-making industry (4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz; 70 mm, 89 mm, 100 mm and more!).
You can also get the matching screw-top lids (we call them "natural") which is important for keeping your slime sealed properly so it won't dry out quickly.

How to Seal Slime Containers
You can use plastic wrapped around your container with a rubber band or you can use a screw-top lid to keep your slime sealed properly.

How to Clean Slime Containers
Over time, if you're storing your slime in a plastic cup or something similar, your slime may begin sticking to the sides of the cup resulting in hard bits of dried out slime residue.
To clean out a container, you should empty as much slime as possible by pouring it out into a trash can and wiping away the excess with a paper towel, before rinsing with soap and water.
With Parkway's smooth containers (no ridges) and super smooth plastic screw-top lids, clean-up is a breeze!

How to Make Homemade Mini Slime Containers
Youtuber, Nim, shared a how-to video of how she makes homemade mini slime containers. For the slime, you mix a tiny amount of glue and acrylic paint with some laundry detergent and then knead it with your fingers. For the container,
you cut a wide straw down to the size you want; add a thin layer of hot glue to parchment paper and place the straw on top (this creates the bottom of the container); cut away the excess glue and paint the bottom if you'd like;
decorate a small strip of paper to create a label and tape or hot glue the label to the container. To create a lid, carefully using a blade, cut out a circle of foam board. Then using a thin slice of
the leftover wide straw, cut it open and create a smaller piece by overlapping the ends and securing it with hot glue. Next, glue the foam piece on top of this smaller circle to create your lid.
Fill your container with a bit of slime, add your lid, voila!

DID YOU KNOW: Parkway Plastics offers mini size slime containers too?! We offer tiny containers as small as 1/8 oz, and yes, you can also get matching lids for them as well! Our 1/8 oz containers are Thick Wall jars, which means there is no overhang or visible "lip" around the edge; our smallest Regular Wall jars are the 33 mm - 1/4oz containers.

What Stores Sell Slime Containers?
While you can find slime containers in some retail and craft shops, you can't beat the professional look and feel of Parkway Plastics' high-quality containers that are commonly used among popular YouTube slimers and Etsy slime shop sellers!
Need assistance? Contact your Parkway Team via email (weborders@parkwayjars.com), or call 1.800.881.4996.

Are there any Coupon Codes or Discount Codes for slime containers and caps for Parkway Plastics or ParkwayJars.com?
You can find coupon codes by following Parkway Plastics on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Or, you can save now by signing up for our newsletter!

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How Do I Become A Brand Promoter for Parkway Plastics?

If you're a slime company interested in being a brand promoter, send an email to our Digital Marketing Manager: Tegan@ParkwayJars.com. Must have a valid social media account with at least 100K followers.

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