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Clear Plastic Jars for Your Industry

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Packaging and selling a product may seem like a fairly straightforward process, but when you begin marketing a new product, you have to attract the public's attention with a logo that speaks to them and a package that they find suitable. No matter what industry you're in, success is dependent on the public believing that your product is worthwhile, cost-effective, and beneficial. At Parkway Plastics, our clear plastic jars can help you find the right packaging for your product and provide a way for you to get your product on the market.

Choosing a clear jar allows the customer to see what's inside the package, no matter if it's foodcosmeticsauto partsdietary supplementsmedical marijuana or cannabis. Our jars are made of durable clarified polypropylene, making them suitable for any use, including food-grade products. You can choose the wall option that suits your product, and the size that will best accommodate your labels and product information. If a low-profile jar will work best, you can pick any diameter or volume that you prefer. If you want to offer samples at an industry trade show, you'll find small jars on our site as well.


Boost your new product's image and improve your company's marketing by purchasing clear plastic jars from Parkway today. We offer competitive pricing on all of our products and can help you narrow down your jar choice if you're unsure which one is best. As a plastic jar manufacturer, we're dedicated to providing our customers with excellent products, just as you are to your customers.

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