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Coconut Oil Products - What You Should Know About Coconut Oils

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Coconut oil contains 90% of saturated fat, which is the richest source of saturated fat compared to any other oil. Coconut oil is known to be an organic superfood with many health benefits. 

The fatty acids in the coconut oil may help treatment of medical conditions, especially brain disorders such as Epilepsy and Alzheimer’s. The more natural and less processed, the better. The Virgin Coconut Oil contains more health benefits than the ordinary (processed) coconut oil. Most fatty acids in diets are long-chain fatty acids, but coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids which mean that they go straight to the liver from the digestive tract. They are then either used as an energy source or turned into ketone bodies, which can have therapeutic effects on brain disorders like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s.

The reason why Virgin Coconut Oils taste better and preserve more nutritious qualities than regular coconut oils lies in the different process of extraction. Heat is not allowed in the process of Virgin Coconut Oil, which means that the original ingredients can not be compromised.

Virgin coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconuts and is higher in vitamins, antioxidants, and proteins.Some other great benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil is that the oil doesn't go rancid easily and it has a very long shelf life. The health and beauty market has been bragging about coconut oil for a while now, and extremists are using the virgin coconut oil for all different kinds of applications. From hair care, shampoo, to lotion and food.

Related: "For decades, athletes have been using a secret weapon to help them increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat. MCT, or medium chain triglycerides, are a type of fat that you find in palm kernel oil, coconut oil, and numerous dairy products, that your body can quickly absorb. The quick absorption and digestion can provide you with numerous MCT oil benefits that include improved cognition, weight management, and heart health among others." - Joan Clark

If you are developing a product that contains coconut oil, such as a hair treatment or a moisturizing cream, make sure you pick a jar that will be compatible with your product! 

This can be done by sampling jars from Parkway in a few easy steps. First, browse through Parkway's large inventory of plastic jarscaps and liners until you find a packaging solution that you like. After you have found a few different jars and caps, place an order online by selecting "samples" in order quantity and go through the checkout process.  After you've placed your order, start your own product testing. It is important that the product testing does not get overlooked. A good seal that has been product tested can for example help reduce stress related to leakage. 

Parkway Plastics is proud to offer polypropylene jars, that when combined with the right liner and cap and tested for compatibility may be a good option for the one looking for a plastic jar for a coconut oil product. The styrene jar is usually not compatible with oils so therefore not something Parkway recommend customers to even sample. Parkway encourages customers to conduct their own product testing as Parkway isn't responsible for product compatibility. Some good jars to start testing your product with are Parkway's Regular Wall Jars and Parkway's Thick Wall Jars

Start sampling packaging for your coconut oil product today!


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