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Lotions.. We just can't get enough of them!

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Lotions help moisturize the skin. Many industry experts recommend daily applications, and extra layers are usually key when experiencing tackling dry skin. With the amount of moisture needed on a daily basis per beauty experts, there is a high need and demand among people. Therefore, we can’t get enough of new body lotions and new body butters! The time it takes the skin to absorb your new lotion is a total consumer preference! Don’t let anyone scare you off. Let your new fragrance scent take off in one of Parkway’s famous plastic jars. We’ve done this for decades now if you didn’t know!

So, when sourcing packaging and plastic jars for body lotions, keep Parkway in mind. Parkway’s regular wall jars are a great option for a simple appeal and will give you that “lotion-look” whether it’s a body lotion or a body scrub you’re putting in the jar. You can also choose from Parkway’s stunning low profile thick wall jars with your choice of either straight or round bottom! Customers who purchase our jars to use with different kinds of lotions tend to love our 70mm jars. For a fancier outcome, many choose our thick wall jars where the caps flush the jar without any overhang. We even offer shrink wrap that can help package your lotion jar with a solid wrap to make your distributing process easier.

Parkway’s plastic jars will give your lotion a real packaging boost! For more information about packaging and jars for lotions, scrubs and creams please visit

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