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Skin Care Jars - ​Cleansers (1): Cream Cleanser – Face Wash - Cleansing Balms - Facial Cleansers - Jars and Caps for Skin care Cleanser Products

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Skin care packaging can be a bit like a mall on a Saturday; difficult to find exactly what you’re looking because it's just too crowded. There are many things that you should be aware of to ensure that your moisturizer, serum, exfoliator, scrub, cleanser or mask retain its freshness, and stay hot(!) on the skin-care market. Skin Care Packaging is basically so much more than just cream in a jar.

Skincare Products Categorized - Packaging and Plastic Jars for:

1.  Cleansers – Face Wash

Face wash and cleansers are products made to dissolve oil and makeup, and remove impurities from the skin. You've probably heard of both soy and cucumber cleansers by now. There's a jungle of facial cleansers out there. Some facial cleansers are made with a gel, and some hold more of a lotion or oil texture to them. From foam cleansers and cream cleansers to oil cleansers, cleansing waters and toners, no wonder it can be hard for consumers to find a good facial cleanser. Cleansing balms act as lightweight makeup removers, while anti-aging cleansing gels and facial soaps offer a different cleansing experience. With so many face wash and cleansing formulas out there, introduce your own formula (a cleansing cream or a purifying mask?) in a parkway jar! Whether you’re developing a cleansing product for dry, sensitive or oily skin, Parkway can help you with the packaging part, making sure that you get a plastic jar that will make your face wash product stand out in the store aisles! 

Plastic jars and containers from Parkway can help communicate your brand message to the skin care market. Take advantage of all the services Parkway offers.

Plastic Jars for Skin Care Cleansers:

Here are a few cosmetic plastic jars that we recommend for facial cleansers, cream cleansers, cleansing balms and cleansing creams:

Being a US manufacturer of plastic jars and caps, we supply many skin care brands with skin-care packaging across America. Skin-care packaging with Parkway is easy. Parkway specializes in skin care packaging supplies such as plastic jars and caps, along with other packaging accessories - perfect for your facial cleanser or face wash product.

Learn more about Parkway's inventory of jars for cleansing creams here!


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