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Skin Care Jars & Containers - Plastic Jars for Skin Care (6): Moisturizers - Packaging for Beauty Oils, Face Oils & Essential Oils

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6. Moisturizers – Beauty oils & Face Oils

Beauty Oils - Face Oils

Beauty oils aim to support the general health of your skin by adding hydration and nutrition. Lighter than serums and moisturizers, beauty oils are made from 100 % natural oils and are absorbed fast into the skin. Argon, avocado, and coconut oils are a few examples. The list goes on:  Rosehip, Jojoba, Calendula, Lavender, Almond, and Mineral Oil  are a few more... Beauty oils / face oils can either be a mix of different essential oils or come from one single source. 

These essential oils are full of extra vitamins and antioxidants. Face oils usually promise boosted radiance, healing wounds, and to bring an amplified glow. 

Beauty Oils Explained:

When you're Pregnant and want an organic alternative to anti-wrinkle creams:
Rosehip oil

When your skin is sensitive & you need to opt for vitamins,
(and you can't afford to get another allergic reaction):

Jojoba  oil.

When you need a natural healing boost that is both gentle and powerful:
Calendula  oil.

When you need a moisturizing miracle: 
Mineral  oil

When you need a softening treatment for dry or damaged skin: 
Argan  oil.

When you need an extra smoothening effect:
Almond  oil.

When you need a real classic good skin cleanser or looking for a healing oil for wounds: 
Coconut Oil

When you need an aroma therapeutic energy booster: 
Lavender essential oil

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Beauty Oil Packaging - Plastic Jars and Caps for Beauty Oils (Face Oils) 

Being one of the leading manufacturers of plastic jars and caps in the beauty and the skin care industry, Parkway Plastics is proud to offer polypropylene plastic jars. Opportunities lie ahead for product developers and business owners who understand the importance of a tamper evident seal for oily products, such as beauty and face oils. User demands may flex, but oily products are still prone to leaking. Therefore, business owners should not be wandering off brainstorming hip packaging designs, but rather focus on product testing to develop a product that won't leak. Check out Liners 101 here.

                  Skin care packaging is about creating a convenient and easy user experience with your product for your customer. 

Looking for suitable packaging for your beauty oil product? Try our wholesale plastic jars, stunning plastic caps, and our bulk packed linersThere is much more to packaging development than just wholesale plastic jars. Therefore, Parkway also offers liners for a tamper evident seal (heat seal induction, pressure sensitive, and foam), along with plastic caps (ribbedsmooth , and domed).

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Face and Beauty Oil PackagingLike mentioned, a tamper-evident seal becomes very important when you are packaging oils. Parkway recommends that you stay away from Styrene when you package your beauty and face oils. Why stay away from Styrene? Well, it's a very brittle material and is more difficult to seal. Parkway's PP skin care jars are a much safer option! Make sure that you test your packaging by sampling jars, caps, and liners. It is recommended to order samples before you buy in bulk so you don't have to end up with product compatibility headaches later on...

Get started now with your plastic jars and caps for face and beauty oil!

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