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Skin Care Packaging - Plastic Jars for Skin Care (2): ​Cleansers – Exfoliators - Peels - Mini Peels - Scrubs- Exfoliating Masks - Jars and Caps for Skincare Exfoliators and Scrubs

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2. Cleansers – Exfoliators & Scrubs

Exfoliating is something often associated with luxury skin care.  The SPA-like treatment your scrub or exfoliator offers is what makes this product luxurious, not necessarily the price tag. So whether you sell an organic facial scrub for $15 or an intense purifying exfoliator for $150, your exfoliator will make your customers’ skin feel luxurious and smooth. 

Mild exfoliating facial cleansers function as mini-peels, gentle enough for daily use. Many exfoliators, scrubs for instance, often come in 4 oz.-10 oz. jars; whereas, exfoliating masks usually come in 2 oz. – 4 oz. jars
Exfoliators should be applied to a damped face, get massaged in, and rinsed off. 

Exfoliators come in different shapes and forms; so, if you considering adding new products to your skin care line within exfoliators, here are a few product examples you can explore: Powdered Exfoliators, Grainy Scrubs, Chemical Exfoliators, and Facial Brushes.

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Consumers love spoiling themselves with fancy skin care treatments, so hit the skin care market hard with a new exfoliator or scrub this fall! 

We know that developing new cosmetic products for the skin care market can be difficult, and finding compatible packaging for your skin care scrubs, cleansers, or exfoliators is often harder and more time consuming than many might think. To help you along the way, Parkway has made it easy for you to find a plastic container or jar for Scrubs and Face Masks. Wholesale cosmetic plastic jars from Parkway makes your skin-care packaging affordable. 

Cosmetic Jars for Scrubs (4 oz -10 oz ):

The 6 oz 83 mm jar is a great wholesale plastic jar perfect for your scrub! It's a stock item and comes in PS clear styrene, PP Clarified or PP white (picture). Jars and caps are sold separately. Give your Scrub a new look in a cosmetic jar from Parkway Plastics. These containers come in boxes of 140 pieces, and the minimum purchase is 1 box. Learn more about this jar here.

Caps /Lids for Scrubs:


Smooth Cap - For 70mm Jars

Ribbed (Matte Top) - For 70mm Jars

Domed Cap - For 70mm Jars


Smooth Cap - For 83mm Jars

Ribbed (Matte Top) - For 83mm Jars


Smooth Cap - For 89mm Jars

Domed Cap - For 89mm Jars

Ribbed (Matte Top) - For 89mm Jars


Smooth Cap - For 100mm Jars

Ribbed (Matte Top) - For 100mm Jars

Cosmetic Jars for Exfoliating Masks (2 oz -4 oz ):

Caps /Lids for Exfoliating Masks:

53 mm:

Smooth Cap - For 53mm Jars

Ribbed (Matte Top) - For 53mm Jars

58 mm:

Smooth Cap - For 58mm Jars

Ribbed (Matte Top) - For 58mm Jars

63 mm:

Smooth Cap - For 63mm Jars


Smooth Cap - For 70mm Jars

Ribbed (Matte Top) - For 70mm Jars

Domed Cap - For 70mm Jars

Parkway Plastics, the US plastic jar manufacturer will help you with packaging for all your beauty and skin care products such as scrubs, and exfoliators! Don't ever hesitate to call us if you need help with jars for your beauty packaging or skin care packaging! 

Learn more about Parkway's inventory of jars for cleansing creams here!

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