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8. Moisturizers – Tinted Moisturizers: BB, CC and DD Creams

Do you need clear or solid colored jars for your tinted moisturizer? Are you looking for a small, medium size or large plastic jar for your BB, CC, DD cream? Packaging tinted moisturizers can be challenging. Whether you need clear plastic jars for samples, such as Parkway's Thick Wall: 33mm - 1/4 oz, or you a container to package your tinted moisturizer in, (2 fl oz (60 ml) jar), Parkway can help you get started. First, let's learn about BB, CC and DD creams!

BB Creams: 

BB stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm. It’s basically a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen packed with benefits. It has multiple uses; it can be used as a primer, a moisturizer or a foundation. Make-up artists often use it as a primer. 

CC Creams:

CC stands for Color Correction. The CC cream provides more coverage than the BB cream but is at the same time lighter on your skin. The difference is the focus on Color Correction with an emphasis on correcting redness or sallowness. It provides a very similar moisturizing application and effect. Just like the BB cream, the CC cream can be used in three ways: primer, moisturizer and foundation. “…Several makeup artists say they like to use BB cream as a primer--and then put foundation on top”. (Http://

DD Creams: 

DD stands for Daily Defense or Dynamic Do-All. Take the BB cream, add the CC cream and then add some more benefits on top of that and there you have the DD cream. With a higher amount of Sunscreen, and with a formula that locks the moisture to prevent loss, DD creams are often recommended for the more mature ladies.

The BB, CC, and DD creams pretty much rule the world of tinted moisturizers.

       Women, or men for that matter, who on a daily basis apply day cream to their skin know how important it is to put that cap back on the jar to retain the moisture of the cream. If the cap doesn't go back on, you will come back to a slightly drier cream. Jars, caps and liners work together, and when they're not together, the quality of the product goes downhill. Read more here.


Here at Parkway Plastics, our mission is to help our customers succeed. That's our goal. We aim to offer the best customer service support. So, if you have any questions regarding plastic jars for moisturizers, creams, lotions, or another fun project, don't hesitate to call us: 800-881-4996

Colored plastic jars are also something we love and offer to all our customers. A purple jar, a green cap, a red or pink jar or cap for your moisturizer - it's all possible! Colors are great as they can help market your moistuizer cream. Let your imagination flow when it comes to your product design today, and always! Check them out here. Too many stock packaging options can make your decision on packaging jars difficult. We have made it easy for you to purchase stock plastic jars. Our Plastic Jars ( Thick Wall Jars and  Regular Wall Jars) are stocked and ready for you - when you need them!

We also offer shrink wrap that may deliver excellence to your customer. Our  shrink sleeves can help package your tinted moisturizer jar and also make your distributing process easier.

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