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Skincare Treatments: (2) Facial Peels & Chemical Peels - Packaging, Jars & Caps for Facial Peels and Chemical Peel Treatment Products

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Treatments: (2) Facial Peels and Chemical Peels

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Facial Peels are different than regular exfoliators. A good way to look at facial peels is to see them as an exfoliating treatment instead of an exfoliating cleansing. And treatments go on AFTER cleansing. It’s its own step. So what’s the difference between a peel and a scrub? Well, just like other exfoliators, facial peels remove dead skin cells. However, the ingredients are far from each other. 

The face peel treatment goes deeper into the skin than a scrub and removes an extensively larger amount of dead skin cells. Facial Peels can be seen as a chemical exfoliator and have ingredients that sink into the skin deeper than scrubs which makes a noticeable difference. The chemical treatment is also often recommended by dermatologists. It’s all about acids. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA) are common ingredients in Face Peels. These acids loosen bonds between cells which makes removing dead skin easy. It was first when salicylic acids, and a few other acids, were noted for its rejuvenation characteristics in the late 1800s that chemical peels first were introduced. So this is not a new thing. It’s an old and quite rewarding skin care treatment. According to trends, the best way to get rid of acne, scarring, and wrinkles is a facial chemical peel treatment. Whether you will be marketing your peel product to the end consumer or to SPAs and dermatologists, make sure that your labeling will indicate the types of acids and ingredients included in your face peel product.

            In case you are adding new products to your organic skin care line or exploring your options within skincare packaging, here are some topics to think about:

1. How will you market your Face Peel Product?
Especially in regards to Sun Sensitivity (due to acids).

2. What kind of packaging do I need for my Peel? Little jar, Medium Jar, larger container? Do you want your Peel straight in the jar or would you prefer your Peel Product in a Jar with Soaked Pads. Like Facial Radiance Pads.

3. Who is your target audience? Are you aiming to sell to end consumers or are you targeting SPAs and Dermatologists

83 mm 6 oz thick wall jar here.

Plastic Jars for Your Skin Care Treatment Product

When it comes to packaging your skin care product.... and in this case a facial peel or  chemical peel, Parkway recommends sticking with our toughest plastic jar material, Polypropylene (PP). 

Parkway’s polypropylene jars can be molded in pretty much any color, but are stock jars in White and Clarified. We ship these high-quality stock PP jars out of our only manufacturing plant in Piscataway, New Jersey.
     That is why you can get Plastic Jars for wholesale prices, even if you only want to purchase 1 case.
Being a plastic jar manufacturer makes it possible to offer wholesale prices on plastic jars to even the smallest of business. Skincare products need durable and cosmetic packaging that performs... Packaging that does the job for you... Packaging that inspires, delivers, and sells...

Let your new product exfoliate, tone and brighten your customers’ skin with a durable and high-quality plastic jars from Parkway. Parkway’s 70 mm jar may work great if you're trying to package your facial peel product with facial treatment pads. Similar to the way we explained packaging for toner pads.

try our 16 oz 120mm Thick Wall - the widest cosmetic jar from Parkway’s stock jar line. Parkway's skin care jars may be what you need: 120mm100 mm, 89 mm
83 mm and 70mm - These jars are great for packaging skincare treatment products! Pick & Choose today!

Learn more about all our jars for skin care products and treatments here! 

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