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Need Packaging for new Product idea? Wholesale Jars and Caps from Parkway Plastics can help you get started with your New Product! Container and Packaging when you need it for your Product Development!

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  Do you have a new product idea?

Stock up on Jars and Caps today so you’re ready for your next project tomorrow!

There is something special about starting up a new project for a Product.
There's excitement in the air, 
expectation in the atmosphere, and a market for your product awaiting its arrival. It's fun, and you love your product. We get it, because we know the feeling. 

To get you started with the packaging process, these following few basic questions will help you navigate towards the right jar, and the right look of your packaging. 

(It is always recommended to consult your product idea with packaging professionals before looking into different types of jars and containers for your new product). 

Questions you may be asked once you start sourcing plastic jars for your new product:

  • How many fl. ounces do you need the plastic container to hold?

  • What product will you fill in the jar?

  • Have you done any product testing with any other packaging before trying plastic jars?

  • Do you have a mm. preference in diameter, across the opening of the jar?

  • Do you have a specific packaging look in mind?

  • What color would you like for your packaging? 

  • Are you looking for a tall jar or for a low profile plastic jar?

Introduce Parkway Plastics early into your product development process,
and we promise to do all we can to deliver a high quality packaging solution to you.  
Whether you are developing a new fish food, or if you need containers for candy, confectionery or even beauty or personal care items, we would love to learn more about your specific market, to get to know you better. 
We strive to get to know our customers and their markets in all we do! 

Our goal is to be your #1 rated plastic jar and cap manufacturer, with a customer service team that offers the support you need - When you need it! 

Parkway's Selection of Jars and Service:

Based in the USA, we have served hundreds of industries for over 65 years. We are want to partner with you and support your growing business needs. We pride ourselves in having the best service in the plastic container and packing business, and look forward to showing you what we can do for you. Our stock selection of Jars consists of sizes from 1/4 oz. to 40 oz in volume. 

Parkway's Regular Wall Jars: 

Parkway's selection of Stock Regular Wall Jars

Stocked in sizes ranging from ¼ ounce to 40 ounces, Parkway's Regular wall jars are both inexpensive and attractive, and have large printing and decorating areas and can be used with automatic filling and capping machines. These small and large plastic jars have a bead or lip around the top of the container just under the thread that acts as a protective barrier for the side wall of the jar. The lip may also help secure a tamper evident shrink band when one is used. In addition to the colors and materials we stock, clear polystyrene, clarified natural polypropylene and white polypropylene, these plastic jars can also be customized using any one of our stock colorants or custom material.

Stock up on Jars and Caps today so you’re ready for your next project tomorrow! -

Parkway's Thick Wall Jars: 

Parkway's selection of Stock Thick Wall Jars

Parkway Plastics' high-quality plastic jars come in a variety of styles and sizes from 1/4 oz to 40 oz. In thick-wall, plastic jars range from 1/4 ounce to 16 ounce capacity. With 28 different sizes, these thick wall jars are very popular with the beauty, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Parkway's thick wall jars are great for so many applications. Parkway's Stock Thick Wall Jars come in White PP, Clarified PP and Clear Styrene (PS). Not to be confused with the lighter, more fragile double-wall plastic jars, Parkway's Thick Wall Jars has a solid feel, whether full or empty, conveying a unique sense of quality to the consumer. A thick wall jar from Parkway will make your product packaging stand out! If you are interested in Thick Wall Round Bottom Jars, explore the sizes Here.

Stock up on Jars and Caps today so you’re ready for your next project tomorrow! -

Nothing Beat Wholesale Prices:

Sourcing wholesale jars and caps straight from a manufacturer is a cost-effective option in the long run. So, if you have a new product Idea, we would love to help you out. Small or large plastic jars, we offer sizes up to large 40 ounce plastic jars. Whether you are looking for square plastic containers, straight sided containers or containers with rounded bottoms, Parkway can help you out. Parkway manufactures and sell high quality plastic jars and caps for cheap, affordable wholesale prices!  Parkway Plastics is always able to offer volume discounts to customers buying pallet quantities or more. It pays off to buy in bulk. We specialize in clear plastic round containers, pet plastic containers, clear plastic bottles for sale and wholesale clear plastic bottles. 

Secondary Packaging:

Parkway is excited to announce that we now have added Secondary packaging to our lineup of Add-on services
. Secondary packaging is the additional packaging for your product. We offer boxes that fix our jars, like seen on the pictured below. Find out more about it here.

There are tons of different products out there, 

- Make sure that your packaging stands out! 

Stock up on Jars and Caps today so you’re ready for your next project tomorrow! -

About Parkway Plastics:

Parkway Plastics, the premier manufacturer of large and small plastic jars consists of a dedicated team of packaging professionals, ready to answer all the questions you may have! Parkway Plastics is the plastic jar manufacturer that is there for you when you need support from someone who understand your business objective and market.   
In addition to manufacturing injection molded plastic jars and caps, we also distribute pete and pet plastic plastic containers, plastic food jar, clear plastic bottles wholesale, clear plastic canisters, wholesale plastic spice jars and plastic candy bins. 

Remember all plastic packaging is not suitable for all uses so make sure you do your testing before placing any major purchases. Parkway Plastics is not responsible for product compatibility or merchant-ability.

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