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Colored Plastic Jars and Lids and What They Say About Your Product

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Available in a rainbow of vibrant colors, and shades and variants of each, our plastic jars and lids are specifically manufactured to give our clients a huge variety of color options in order to fit their product branding to a "T". We know, from our many, many years of experience as a plastic jar manufacturer and as product packaging experts, that color plays a major role in how customers view and relate to your product. 

plastic jars and lids

Though controversial in many ways, marketing experts often refer to "the psychology of color" and how different colors have different effects on the human brain. From logo design to packaging choice, corporations and small businesses alike often turn to choices of color when trying to convey a certain "feeling". Restaurants have known this secret for decades, which is why the Golden Arches are actually golden and not blue. It's why Chili's chose the red version of their logo and not the green. They know that the warm colors of red, orange and yellow raise the appetite, where the cooler hues on the color wheel suppress it. However, if a health food restaurant wants to exude an aura of freshness and wholesomeness, the use of green along with the yellow conveys the correct message. Subway is a perfect example of the blend.

Packaging your product in the right color plastic jar will help your customer understand just what they can expect from the company as a whole. Consult with our design team for which of our dozens of color choices work with your brand personality. 

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