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Mr. Edward W. Rowan, Jr. | President | 1969 - Present

Mr. Rowan, Jr. officially joined Parkway Plastics, Inc. in 1969 after he graduated from Villanova University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. However, unofficially, he joined Parkway Plastics many years before that, standing shoulder to shoulder with his father in the trenches during the company's early years. Edward Rowan, Jr.'s humility, strength of character, vision, leadership, engineering background, and his keen business sense made him the natural choice to lead the company into the next generation. Later joined by his beloved wife, Mary K. Rowan, Secretary Treasurer, the two sucessfully ran the company for over 40 years.





Ned Rowan | Vice President of Operations | 2002 - Present

Mr. Rowan holds a Bachelors Degree in Economics from Colgate University and has an MBA in Accounting & Finance from Columbia Business School. He has also completed the Global Business Bridge Program at Oxford University. The program was created and taught by Tuck School of Business Faculty. In 2003 he established the Parkway Plastics, Inc. sales department.



Kirstin Rowan Kelly | Secretary Treasurer | 2003 - Present

Mrs. Kelly earned her BS in Business Administration with majors in Finance and MIS (Management Information Systems) from Villanova University. She has also completed post-graduate work in French studies and international business at l'Universite de Nantes in Nantes, France. Prior to joining Parkway, Kirstin managed the Client Communications and Marketing Departments at Triton Partners, a small boutique investment firm and worked as an Associate in the Client Relations Department of Chilton Investment Company, another New York based hedge fund.





Nannette F. | Customer Service Wiz | November 2007 - Present

Get to know Nannette:

Born and raised in NYC, Nannette is married with 3 wonderful children. Her favorite sport is tennis, she likes to fish, her favorite actor is Sidney Poiter, and she absolutely loves Carribean food. Her father Lee is her biggest role model and has been a huge positive influence in her life. You can find Nannette in her office with an ice cold Pepsi, her favorite drink.


Customer Service, Billing Specialist, Order Processing, Kick-ass Tennis Player



Tonia Hines | HR & Quality Assurance | September 2018 - Present

Get to know Tonia:

Never underestimate those you may think are the underdog. Tonia is originally from Plainfield, NJ and is the middle child and only girl. She is the mother of two sons who are her pride and joy. Tonia has worked in the Human Resources/AR field for the 7 years and is currently a student at Kean University, pursuing her Masters Degree in Accounting. She has hopes of one day becoming a CFO. Tonia also helps behind the scenes on a podcast show called BeardsnbaldHeads that airs on BKS1 radio in her hometown.


Finance, Employee Relations, I-9 & E-Verify, Customer Service, Collections, Accounts Receivable




Janki Jariwala | Accounts Payable |  June 2015 - Present

Get to know Janki:

Born and raised in India, Janki moved to California in 2005 to attend California State University, East Bay, where she received her B.S. in Accounting and Finance.  In 2014, she met and married her husband which ultimately lead her to New Jersey and here to Parkway Plastics! Janki is a financial wiz, who, in addition to being an avid traveler and supporter of the American Heart Association, loves spending time with her family and friends. Janki can also often be found structuring intricate and AMAZING coupon deals on everyday products for her friends and family. Some may call her Extreme, we just call her Exceptional! :-)

If you are looking to get qualified as a vendor/supplier for Parkway Plastics please feel free to give her a call, but be warned you will need to bring your A game!



Accounting, Finance, Computers, Deal Snatcher, Coupon NINJA!







Tegan James | Web & Marketing | Dec 2017 - Present

Get to know Tegan:

Parkway's Marketing and Social Media Manager, Tegan loves learning new things, applying what he learns and seeing results. 

Have a comment or question about Parkway’s website? Reach out via email: Tegan@ParkwayJars.com or give him a call: 732.752.3636 x114.


Social Media Marketing, Writing/Blogging, Graphic Design, Digital and Print Publishing, Website Maintenance, SEO, Marketing ...



Desiree Shelmet | Inside Sales & Customer Care Manager | March 2018 - Present

Get to know Desiree:

It's the quiet ones you gotta watch out for! As Parkway's customer service manager, Desiree is responsible for ensuring your satisfaction throughout your order process. Not only is she friendly, fierce and efficient in the office, but she's also an excellent cake baker and decorator! Check out her creations: CakedBakeShop.com


Customer Service Management, Online Orders, Decorating Delicious Cakes and Other Baked Goods






 Parkway's Specialists

  diane.jpg   carol.jpg  

Package Design


Label Manufacturing



Parkway's Finest

  jason.jpg nikita-2-.jpg  

Plant Maintenance & Management


QC Audit Team Lead




 danilo2.jpg  david2.jpg mario2.png  edgar2.jpg
1st Shift Production - Shift Supervisor
1st Shift Foreman - Setup Technician 
2rd Shift Production - Shift Supervisor
3rd Shift Production- Shift Supervisor



   george2.jpg manny-small.jpg  Picture coming soon!   
Engineering Supervisor
Engineering Intern


Tool Room

   allan.jpg Picture coming soon!   Picture coming soon!
Tool Room Technician
Tool Room Technician
Tool Room Technician



sebastian-edited-2.jpg Picture coming soon! 
Shipping Supervisor
Assistant Shipping Supervisor
Cap Lining



   bruce.png rocio-64-170px.jpg Picture coming soon!
Facilities Maintenance
Cleaning Specialist
Cleaning Supervisor


Operators - 1st Shift

 Picture coming soon! operator-3.jpg ila-m-edited-2.jpg Picture Coming Soon! 

Production - Shift Logistics

Ila B.
Production - Quality Assurance

Ila M.
Production - Quality Assurance

Production - Quality Assurance



Operators - 2nd Shift

daniel2.jpg Picture Coming Soon! ushaben-edited-7.jpg
Picture coming soon!

Production - Shift Logistics

Production - Quality Control Lead

Production - Quality Assurance 

Production - Quality Assurance 

Operators - 3rd Shift

 Picture Coming Soon! gira.jpg
Picture coming soon!

Picture coming soon!
Production - Shift Logistics
Production - Quality Control Lead
Production - Quality Assurance
Production - Quality Assurance








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