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Clear Plastic Jars for Your Craft Supplies


When you're working on a project, it's important that you're able to find and access everything you need to complete it. If you own a craft business, or you make homemade items to sell at a local farmers market, it's best to keep your supplies organized so that nothing gets lost. If you work with beads, shells, or small jewelry pieces, our clear plastic jars can keep everything safely stored and in its proper place. You can affix labels to each jar, noting what each contains and with the clear finish, you can tell when your supplies are running low.

Our clear jars also work for craft paint, helping you see exactly which color you've grabbed off the shelf. The durable polystyrene construction will keep everything inside, preventing against cracks and spills. If you refinish wood, you can store lacquers and polishes in the jars, but it might be best to first test the products in a sample jar. With various volumes and diameters, you can choose large or small jars and store as much or as little as you need. You'll also find clear plastic lids on our site, made specifically for each style of jar.

If you love making homemade projects, or you own a craft and hobby shop, keep your supplies organized with clear plastic jars from Parkway. They will make sorting your supplies and taking inventory much easier, and if you sell craft supplies to customers, they can provide the perfect basis for your marketing efforts.

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