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Convert Oz to Grams, Grams to Ounces, ml to liters and more!

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Convert oz to grams, grams to ounces, find out how many ml in a liter and more ... 

How big is an ounce compared to a milliliter compared to a gram compared to a gallon compared to a dram? How many ounces in a liter? How many ml in a liter? How many oz to grams?

Unless you are used to measuring and labeling in ounces, ounce size may not mean a lot to you - Click here to measure jars or containers by WIDTH or by HEIGHT.            

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On our website, we group our jar sizes by diameter in millimeter size and in volume by ounce size.

View Jar Sizes by Width / Diameter / Millimeter  View Jar Sizes by Ounces / Volume / Height

If you are new to plastic packaging or maybe your industry just doesn't deal in ounces, but rather deals in some other form of units of measure - like gram weight or milliliter or dram, here are a few conversion tables that we thought might be helpful. If we have missed something please let us know and we would be happy to add it! Happy Measuring!

Jar Conversions - Ounces to Grams (oz to gm), Grams to Ounces (gm to oz), Ounces to Milliliters (oz to ml), Milliliters to Ounces (ml to oz), Ounces to Grams to Drams - Oh my! Plastic Jars Conversion Chart

Grams Milliliter Gallon Dram Plastic Jar Size Decimals Verbal Description
1 grm, 1 gram plastic jar 3.639669 ml 0.000976563 2 dram plastic jar 1/8oz .125oz Eighth ounce, Half an Eighth
7 grms, 7 grams plastic jar 7.39338 ml 0.00195313 4 dram plastic jar 1/4oz .25oz Quarter, 2 Eighths, Quad
14 grms, 14 grams 14.7868 ml 0.00390625 8 dram 1/2oz .5oz 2 Quarters, 4 Eighths, One-Half
24 gram 25.8768 ml 0.00679687 14 dram 7/8oz .87ox Seven-Eighths ounce
28grms, 28 grams 29.5735 ml 0.0078125 16 dram 1oz 1oz 4 Quarters, 8 Eighths, "O"
42.5 grams 44.3603 ml 0.0117188 24 dram 1 1/2oz 1.5oz One and a half ounce
56 gram 59.1471 ml 0.015625 48 dram 3oz 3oz Three ounces, 3 ounce jar
112 grms, 112 grams 118.294 ml 0.03125 64 dram 4oz 4oz 1/4 pound, quarter pound, 16 quarters, 32 eighths
170 gram 177.441 ml 0.046875 96 dram 6oz 6oz Six Ounces, 6 ounce jar
226 grms, 226 grams 236.588 ml 0.0625 128 dram 8oz 8oz 1/2 pound, half a pound, half pound, 32 quarters, 64 eighths
283 grams 295.735 ml 0.078125 160 dram 10oz 10oz Ten Ounces, ten ounce jar
340 gram 354.882 ml 0.09375 192 dram 12oz 12oz 12 ounces, 12 ounce jar
448 grms, 448 grams 473.176 ml 0.125 256 dram 16oz 16oz 64 quarters, 128 eighths
566 grams 591.471 ml 0.15625 319 dram 20oz 20oz twenty ounces, 20 ounce jar
680 gr, 680 gram 709.765 ml 0.1875 384 dram 24oz 24oz 24 ounce jar, 24 ounces
907 gram, 907 grms 946.353 ml 0.25 512 dram 32oz 32oz 32 ounce jar, 32 ounce jars, 900 ml jar, 950 ml jar, 32 ounces
1000 grms, 1000 grams, Kilo, kilogram 1182.94 ml 0.3125 640 dram 40 oz 40oz 2.2 pounds
*Height & Widths of Jars Vary Based on mm size

What Is a gram? The definition of a gram according to the dictionary is:




noun: gram; plural noun: grams; noun: gramme; plural noun: grammes; symbol: g; symbol: gm

a metric unit of mass equal to one thousandth of a kilogram."

A gram is a unit of measure part of the metric system. It measures mass, or how much matter is in something. The symbol g often means the gram. One gram used to be defined as the mass of one cubic centimeter of pure water at 3.98 degrees Celsius. Now one gram is defined as 1/1000 kilogram.  A milligram is 1/1000 of a gram.

A gram is about:

a quarter of a teaspoon of sugar.

a cubic centimeter of water.

a paperclip.

a pen cap.

a thumbtack.

a pinch of salt.

a piece of gum.

the weight of any US bill.

  • How many grams are in an ounce - 28.3495
  • How many grams in a pound - 453.592
  • How man grams in a kilogram - 1000
  • How man grams in a cup - 340
  • How man grams in 1 oz - 28.3495
  • How man grams in a tablespoon - 14.3
  • How man grams in a quarter pound - 113.3981


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