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Liquid Products, they don't have to leak!

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Are you wondering how to package your liquid product? Are you worried that your packaging isn't going to hold up? Are you looking for packaging options that will solve a current problem? 

Sealing your packaging is very important when it comes to packaging, especially when you carry a liquid product. However, there are other aspects that you also should be aware of, such as the durability of your packaging material. A liquid product with scattered plastic packaging can become a huge problem, just imagine liquid everywhere! If you are interested in plastic jars for your liquids, Parkway recommends that you stay away from Styrene which is a brittle material. I know you think it’s beautiful and glass-like and that you really think it might work anyway… well, please don’t even go there. It’s better to stay on the safe side. Instead, we at Parkway recommend Polypropylene Jars for liquid, such as oils, fragrances, or even food liquids such as dairy, syrups or ice-cream. These are more durable and many of Parkway's customers use these with a liner to package their liquids... A liquid product required a lot more thought than non-liquids, therefore, Product testing is very valuable here. Parkway’s polypropylene jars are a great fit for liquid products when matched/ combined and tested with the right liner. Liners and jars should be tested and sampled to make sure it stands up to your product. Parkway offers foam liners, heat seal liners and pressure sensitive liners. For more info on liners, visit

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