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Stay Calm, Parkway’s Thick Wall Jars are Available in 28 different sizes! | Variety of Thick Wall Jars Online Now!

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Thick Wall Jars in 28 different sizes... These single wall jars are thicker but are they better?

Whether you vote for Parkway Plastics to be your Best Plastic Jar Manufacturer or not, there's no doubt that Thick Wall Plastic Jars from Parkway can be Perfect for your Product Packaging this Holiday Season! Thick Wall Jars have a sophisticated appeal and a Thicker Wall may keep your product warmer through the winter! Stay warm and "liner" up! Get ready for the Holiday Season with Parkway's little thicker, and little warmer, plastic jar this Year! 

What are Thick Wall Jars?

Thick Wall Jars are Single Wall Jars that are (obviously) thicker than the average Single Wall Plastic Jar. Thick Wall Jars are stronger and thicker than Double Wall Jars which have a similar profile. Double Wall Jars are significantly lighter and more fragile in contrast to the Thick Wall Jar. Thick Wall Jars are therefore more durable than Double Wall (two thin wall jars sandwiched together) Plastic Jars. Thick Wall Jars come in Polystyrene and Polypropylene. It is often recommended to order samples of Thick Wall Jars before you Buy Thick Wall Jars in Bulk. Parkway Plastics Inc. have been in business for 3 generations. For over 60 years, the Plastic Jar Manufacturer have been manufacturing Jars and Lids and Parkway's Thick Wall Jars have always been very well rated by customers. Parkway's Thick Single Wall Jars have a very cosmetic appeal and are popular among many beauty and pharma brands. Packaging is about marketing your product in a way that makes your product attractive to your market. Parkway's Thick Wall Jars can help you with that!

Parkway's Customer Service can guide you through the different jar wall thicknesses when it comes to single wall jars! With 100's of jars to choose from, you might need a little help and that's OK! Call us at 800-881-4996 Today!

The 400 Neck Finish is popular and comes from 33mm to 120mm in diameter and from 1/8oz to 16oz in volume! 

Single Wall Jars: The Difference Between Regular Wall & Thick Wall Jars

  • Thin Single Wall Jars = Regular Wall Jars
  • Thick Single Wall Jars = Thick Wall Jars

Regular Wall Jars:

Regular Wall Jars - Thin Single Wall Plastic Jars

Cap Overhang!

Thick Wall Jars:

Thick Wall Jars - Thick Single Wall Plastic Jars

Cap flush with Jar!

Single Thick Wall Jar Styles:

Round Bottom Single Thick Wall
Straight Bottom Single Thick Wall 

Image Map

Tapered Single Thick Wall

Image Map

Frostique Single Thick Wall Jars

Single Thick Wall Jewelry Cleaner Jars

Also explore, 

Is My Jar Thick Walled or Regular Walled?

Ask the Question: - Does the side of the Lid run Flush with the Jar? 

If your answer is Yes, then you've got yourself a Thick Wall Jar.

Thick Wall Powder Jars!

Polystyrene Straight Sided Thick Walled Jars (like Parkway's Clear Thick Wall Jars) is probably what you are searching for if you are trying to find a thick clear packaging container for nail supplies or powders. The Thick Wall Polystyrene (ps) Jar are popular in the nail industry. Many use the clear PS Jar as a Powder Jar.  Always make sure you test jars with your product before you buy in bulk to ensure product compatibility. 

Thick Wall Jars work as Powder Jars

100mm Thick Wall Jars!

Look at Parkway's 100mm Thick Wall Jar for example. The 100mm Thick Wall Jar comes in 6oz (180ml)8 oz (240ml), and 10oz (295ml). The 100mm thick wall jar is one of the largest diameters offered by parkway.  They are great for powder based cosmetics, hair styling products, body butters, air fresheners and pretty much anything you can think of putting in a sleek cosmetic looking thick wall jar! Even Automotive Paints and Car Glazes, Polishes or Screws! The 100 mm jar can provide you an ideal solution for your product packaging! 

Thick Wall: 100mm - 6oz

Thick Wall: 100mm - 8oz

Thick Wall: 100mm - 10oz

If you're looking for an even larger diameter thick wall jar, check out Parkway's120mm thick wall jar!

1/8oz Thick Wall Jars

Thick Wall: 33mm - 1/8 oz

1/4oz Thick Wall Jars
Thick Wall: 33mm - 1/4 oz

1/2oz Thick Wall Jars

Thick Wall: 43mm - 1/2 oz

Thick Wall: 53mm - 1/2 oz 

1oz Thick Wall Jars

Thick Wall: 43mm - 1 oz

Thick Wall: 70mm - 1 oz

2oz Thick Wall Jars

Thick Wall: 53mm - 2 oz

Thick Wall: 58mm - 2 oz

Thick Wall: 70mm - 2 oz

3oz Thick Wall Jars

Thick Wall: 58mm - 3 oz

Thick Wall: 70mm - 3 oz

Thick Wall: 83mm - 3oz

4oz Thick Wall Jars

Thick Wall (Tapered): 63mm - 4 oz

Thick Wall: 70mm - 4 oz

Thick Wall: 83mm - 4oz

6oz Thick Wall Jars

Thick Wall: 70mm - 6 oz

Thick Wall: 83mm - 6oz

Thick Wall: 89mm - 6oz

Thick Wall: 100mm - 6oz

8oz Thick Wall Jars

Thick Wall: 70mm - 8 oz

Thick Wall: 89mm - 8 oz

Thick Wall: 100mm - 8oz 

10oz Thick Wall Jars

Thick Wall: 63mm - 10oz

Thick Wall: 100mm - 10oz

12oz Thick Wall Jars

Thick Wall: 89mm - 12 oz

16oz Thick Wall Jars

Thick Wall: 89mm - 16oz

Thick Wall: 120mm - 16 oz

Parkway Plastics Manufactures High Quality Thick Wall Plastic Jars!

The Plastic Jar & Container Manufacturer continues to mold Thick Wall Jars in 28 different sizes. Purchase Thick wall jars from 33mm to 120mm Online for Wholesale Prices & Low Minimums. Thick Wall Jars are very popular with the pharmaceutical, beauty and personal care industries. Parkway's Thick Walled Plastic Jars provide durable packaging for many brands across various markets today.  

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