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Sustainable Plastic Jars in Cosmetics & Personal Care: A Jar is a Jar - Sustainability Brought Up in Light Of Packaging and Jars - Plastic Jars

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In regards to sustainable cosmetics and personal care packaging:

"A Jar is a Jar" said Utroske i
n "Sustainable personal care packaging materials and design reconsidered" on 02-Nov-2016. The author, Deanna Utroske, explained that many manufacturers, jar-makers and packaging companies today are highlighting and pushing for GREEN alternatives. Parkway's Green alternatives can be found in the sustainable plastic materials we offerThe author of the article published in on November 2nd, gave us an example of a company who used to package their products in glass jars in the 1900's but over the years switched to plastic jars. The package style (The Jar) simply remained the same but the material changed, she explains.

"Sustainable personal care packaging materials and design reconsidered", by Deanna Utroske also claimed that recyclable and refillable containers are sustainable; There are even certain refillable programs companies can be a part of. 

In light of the article, a package maker or a jar manufacturer like Parkway Plastics can help you convert your glass packaging to sustainable and recyclable plastic jars. Parkways Approach to Sustainability focus on
sustainable factory process, recycling and re-grinding materials. Being a jar manufacturer in the United States, Parkway Plastics values a sustainable manufacturing process and works with customers to achieve sustainability. 
It's sure worth to note that Parkway's plastic jars and containers are both recyclable and refillable!

Personal Care packaging from Parkway Plastics may the the sustainable packaging solution your company is looking for. From Jars and Caps to Liners and Accessories, Order some samples from Parkway's sustainable Jars and Caps today!

Parkway Plastics aim for sustainability in every possible way. We are very aware of the importance of choosing the right way to source and process different plastic materials.

Parkway Plastics' annual plant shut down is part of Parkway Plastics' sustainability program. We are also very proud that Parkway's strict Regrind Policy has proven to reduce material waste! As an additional attempt towards attaining sustainability, Parkway participates in The New Constellation Energy's Energy Market Load Response.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our sustainability program! 

Regeneration = re-using, re-grinding and re-cycling material! Learn more about us.


Sustainable personal care packaging materials and design reconsidered

By Deanna Utroske, 02-Nov-2016

Manufacturing in a sustainable way is undeniably good business for any industry that hopes to outlast the current moment. But what ‘sustainability’ is and how to make it an accurate description of the beauty product packaging supply chain is another matter entirely.

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