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Pomades, Packaging and More - Plastic Jars and Lids for Pomades -

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From understanding what pomade is to learning who uses it and for what, this blog post also includes travel size tips, info on making your own pomade and, of course, where to find the jars and lids you need to package your product.

What is the definition of Pomade - noun  po·made  \ pō-ˈmād , -ˈmäd \
Simply defined, pomade is a scented ointment applied to the hair or scalp.

What is Pomade used for?

Pomade is a hair styling product used to create a variety of hairstyles. Whether you want to slick your hair back like David Beckham, want spiky hair like Jon Hamm, are going for the undercut like Brad Pitt or just love the messy, bed-headed Harry Styles look, pomade is a great choice for that long-lasting hairdo you’re after.

When shopping for pomade, packaging can be just as important as what is inside the jar. With Parkway's assortment of empty plastic jars, you can package and advertise your pomade with unique style - attracting even the pickiest of customers.


1. You can use pomade to create waves and style a pompadour!

2. Pomade works great on men’s hair and women’s hair whether they have short hair or long hair.

3. Pomade can be used on thick hair and you can even use it to straighten your curly hair - there's plenty of video tutorials if you do a quick Google search on it.


Let Parkway Plastics take the question out of which pomade containers or pomade jars are best. Our jars are perfect for pomades, hair gels, sculpting wax and other hair styling products.


1/2oz 53mm Thick Wall Jars

1oz 70mm Thick Wall Jars

2oz 70mm Thick Wall Jars

3oz 83mm Thick Wall Jars

4oz 83mm Thick Wall Jars

Whether you’re making small DIY homemade jars of pomade or if you’re a barber looking for a larger tub for your pomade product, Parkway Plastics sells a variety of regular and thick wall jars and container sizes to package your pomade in – jars as small as 1oz and 2 ounces (perfect size for traveling on an airplane, when you don’t want to check your luggage), and up to large 32 oz and 40 ounce containers.

So now that you know where pomade jars are sold online and where to get pomade containers, you can easily PLACE YOUR ORDER ON OUR WEBSITE

Parkway suggests trying a sample and testing your product first:

Order My Sample Pack Of Regular Wall Jars & Caps

Purchase Plastic Jars Wholesale from Parkway Plastics Inc

Purchase Small Thick Wall Jars For Pomade

Buy Small Thick Wall Jars For Styling Wax

In short, the answer is YES, you can take pomade on an airplane!


Forum Q ( Do you guys buy those 1oz samplers of pomade? Or do you scoop out your pomade and put it into a small container? The TSA carry on limit for liquids is 3 oz... but pomade isn't technically a liquid, right? Just thought I'd survey the pomade crowd!

A: You can either check your luggage or do what I did which is buy little containers and scoop your pomade into them.

Where to Buy Jars For Pomades –

Buy Small and Large Jars for Pomade

Buy Little Containers – Small Jars for Travel

Travel Size Containers for Airplanes

1.5oz Clear Plastic Jars For Travel

Buy 1oz Jars Wholesale

Buy 2oz Jars in Bulk

Pomade can be purchased online or at your local Target or Walmart, but you can also make your own pomade!

With so many pomade brands out there, why not try making your own special blend of pomade (also known as sculpting wax)?

Pomade can be made in just a few steps:

1. Melt beeswax in a double boiler over low heat

2.  When the beeswax is melted, add in shea butter

3. When the mixture is melted, add jojoba and stir until just melted

4. Pour mixture into a container and allow to cool slightly, then                 add essential oil

Find the list of ingredients and full instructions here

While some may like the spicey-based scent of musk, coppery mid-ranges and top notes of eucalyptus found in the Sauvecito pomade, you can choose from a variety of essential oils including lime, peppermint, rosemary, patchouli, lavender, sandalwood and more.

Make your own pomade and package it in Parkway’s small plastic jars. Order a case of our Thick Wall 83mm – 3oz plastic containers with lids* (there’s a large variety of color choices, or you can go with clear, white or clarified polypropylene); scoop your pomades into these jars, add a custom label and set up shop online or at a local vendor fair!

*Note: Jars and lids are sold separately.


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