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4. Cleansers– Toners & Toner Pads

Usually packaged in bottles, toners help unclog pores. In addition to shrinking pores, a cotton ball or pad of toner will also help reduce oily skin. You’ve probably heard stories about your skin’s pH balance and the importance of keeping it balanced. Our skin normally holds a pH between 5 – 6 and is naturally acidic; but, when we apply cleansing products such as creams and balms, the pH gets unbalanced and struggle to find its way back to its normal stage between 5-6. What happens is that our skin starts producing oil as a result of finding its way back to “stable pH”. 

Using a toner after a facial cleanser can help restore your customers' skin’s pH balance. In addition to this, it also helps close pores, tighten cell gaps and prevent ingrown hairs. So why not consider adding one onto your product pipeline?

Toners are used as an astringent to remove excess oil or makeup that cleansers leave behind. It is also, like mentioned, used to balance the pH of the skin after cleansing.


Toner in a jar

So why not develop a toner in a jar? Pre-moistened or pre-soaked toner pads?  Toss the cotton balls and bring a new product to life in your pipeline! Create your toner solution and pour your toner into a Parkway Jar. Parkway's plastic jars can be used for numerous skin care products, so stock up on wholesale plastic jars! If you are considering a toner in a jar, don't forget a good seal. This applies to all skin care products. Check out our liners 101 here. Parkways' plastic polypropylene material is recommended when liquids, such as toners, are considered. Try Parkway’s Thick Wall 70 mm   4 oz , 6 ounce, and 8 oz. jar, or the 83 mm 4 oz jar!

Plastic Jars / Containers: 
Thick Wall: 70mm - 4 oz
( 4 oz = 118 g/ 118 ml )

Thick Wall: 70mm - 6 oz ( 6 oz = 177 g/ 177 ml )

Thick Wall: 70mm - 8 oz( 8 oz = 236 g/ 236 ml )

Thick Wall: 83mm - 4oz ( 4 oz = 118 g/ 118 ml )

Just like the eye makeup remover, a toner in a jar could be pre-soaked pads in a jar. 

The thing is that pads are convenient, and that makes facial cleansing so much easier.

Convince the skin care market that your new skin care product is worth buying, or at least worth trying! Get Samples today!

Lids/ Caps:

Smooth Cap - For 70mm Jars

Ribbed (Matte Top) - For 70mm Jars

Domed Cap - For 70mm Jars

Smooth Cap - For 83mm Jars

Ribbed (Matte Top) - For 83mm Jars

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