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Blog - Jars for Car Wax

Packaging Containers for Automotive Products: Can my Automotive Product be packaged in a Plastic Container? - Plastic Jars for Car Waxes, Paints, Glazes and Auto Body Fillers.

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We love vehicles here at Parkway; 
Automotive Care is something we care about, and an Industry we Serve.

- Never heard of Parkway Plastics? We’re a plastic jar and plastic container manufacturer. Yes, plastic containers that you can fill with anything you can think of really… If you are in the 
automotive industry, you work in special conditions, often in dirty places with oil dripping – (many times on you), and poor lighting. Parkway Plastics is pleased to offer a line of packaging containers for automotive products, making work-life more organized for you and your customers in the body shop.


If you are looking for jars to fill with automotive paint or for a container to package your new polish formula, then I would like to introduce you to our Automotive Plastic Jars. These jars and containers will hopefully fill your packaging need. Click here to see our line of Jars for Automotive Part Storage. We’ve got tons and tons of different containers and jars for car wax, fillers, glazes, and paints! Let our bulk plastic jars help you market sample paints and waxes, so that your product can extend the beauty and the life of your customers’ vehicle. - Paint sealants help with this, and so does car wax!

1. Automotive Car Wax

- Let it shine! Car Waxes are amazing when it comes to giving your car a complete facelift! If you think that the wax is the only thing that comes into consideration for a good wax, then you’re wrong… Wax on, Wax off… Remember that movie? The waxing technique you use plays such a humongous role… You can see the difference of a good wax compared to a bad one… Just keep it up.. Wax on… Wax Off…. Use Parkway’s plastic containers to package your car wax product! A durable plastic jar will do the job to market your product so that your clients’ cars will shine even WITHOUT sunshine!

2. Automotive Paints and Paint Sealants

- Taking a look at automotive paint packaging, there are many spray paints out there that promise to do the paint job just right. In fact, when it comes to quick fixes, touch ups, and larger paint jobs on vehicles, spray cans are very popular. Just don’t forget to do the prep work! Spray paints are actually so popular that almost everyone in the USA store one in their home or garage. In regards to automotive paint jobs, many spray-cans often hold very thin paint – this has to do with low viscosity. Spray paints can also be difficult to use if you are trying to achieve a uniform deep finish on your vehicle. A jar of Paint may be a good solution if you want to stay away from the mentioned reasons. We can help you with Jars for Paints here. If you need a jar or container to just hold samples of paints for easy touch ups, fixes or paint sealants, Check out our regular wall jars featured in our Automotive Industry here.

3. Automotive Glazes

Why Glazy?  - Well, let me say: Extra Shine! If you want the paint job to look professional, please don’t forget this step! Glazing is mandatory among vintage cars, but recommended for all who needs a stunning looking paint finish! Glaze formulas and products enhance shine and can be applied after the polish, but before the car wax.

4. Automotive Body Fillers

When it comes to small repairs, why overdo it? 

– Get a Jar that will be the right size for the single job! A 4 oz., 6 oz. or an 8 oz. plastic jar can help package your filler formula so that your product can be ready for repair & get the job done! Developing formulas that achieve adhesion to steel, aluminum, fiberglass, cured epoxy or primers? Many auto body fillers are creamy formulas, which go great in a Plastic Jar from Parkway Plastics.

Car waxes, glazes, and finishing polishes - Let parkway help you with the packaging part. Our Wholesale Plastic Containers for Automotive Accessories and Formulas are durable and affordable when you buy in bulk! Parkway’s packaging containers will do the job of storing and marketing your automotive product in any auto body shop. 


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