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Blend, Bake, Cool!: All About The 2017 SoFlo Cake & Candy Expo in Miami

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 Bakers and Instructors Reunite at the Largest Cake & Candy Expo in South Florida

Imagine a place where you're in a room full of cakes and experienced cake decorators, some of which you might even recognize from TV. Ever wonder what that would be like? 

Well at the SoFlo Cake & Candy Expos, attendees can indulge in a wide range of frosting samples, different baking supplies from cake vendors and even watch live demos of cakes coming to life! 

Just last week on April 28th-30th in Miami, Fl, Sweet Life Cake & Candy Supply of Miami, hosted the annual 2017 SoFlo Cake & Candy Expo at the Miami Airport Convention Center. Bakers and enthusiasts alike reinited to browse the bakers' and vendors' products and creations, while exchanging their tips and tricks of their craft. The expo also offered different specialty classes available to the attendees, like bejeweling cakes, painting powder colors, and sugar sculpting. And some of the leading baking experts in the industry, did interactive demos of techniques they use to decorate their sweets! 

They even gave away "swag bags", or totes filled with special giveaways of useful baking supplies and frosting from vendors. 

Guests came from as close as the U.S. and as far as Trinidad and Tobago to join the huge crowd of talented bakers for this 3-day event. The skill levels of most bakers that attended ranged from novice intermediate, and advanced. The best thing about this expo? Is that the baking supply manufacturers and distributors are right there to sell you high quality baking molds, fondants, sugar pearls, isomalts, and other candy and cake supplies, no matter the level of experience a baker is. So even if you're a novice baker with an insatiable sweet tooth for cake artistry, you can always ask a manufacturer for more advice on what to buy. 

According to Natasha Connor, the co-owner of the SoFlo Cake & Candy Expo, "The baking supplies from the manufacturers are available at trade show pricing." This means that you get a discount on the high quality supplies which sometime come with a high price tag. Sounds like a pretty good deal for bakers who want to buy their supplies in bulk! 

To check out what SoFlo's guests saw inside the show...

2017 SoFlo Cake Expo Exhibitors


For complete list of exhibitors click here!

2017 SoFlo Cake Expo Instructors




Alexis Pena

Alex's Silicone Molds

Amelia Lopez

Alex's Silicone Molds

Angela Morrison

Cakes by Angela Morrison

Angie Perez

"O" Pops by Angie

Benny Rivera

City Cakes

Ceri Griffiths

Ceri DZ Artistry & Design

Christina Bonafede


Cydni Mitchell

Sweet Fest

Cynthia White


Dalila Cabrita

Dalila's Bakery

Dawn Parrot

Dawn Parrot Designs

Erin Schwartz


Eva Salazar

Make Me My Cake

Handi Mulyana

Handi's Cakes

Holly Broussard

Sweet Elizabeth Cake Design

Iris Rezoagli

Cake Dreams by Iris

Jacqui Kelly

Totally Sugar

Jay Qualls

The Frosted Affair

Joyce Marcellus

Toxic Sweets

Kaysie Lackey


Kim Simons

Cakes by Kim Simons

Lisa Raffael

Delicious Desserts

Liz Marek

Sugar Geek Show/Artisan Cake Company

Lori Hutchinson

The Caketress

Mallory Mae


Marilyn Bawol

Unique Cakes

Mark Desgroseillers

Morsels by Mark

Mark Seaman

Barry Callebaut

Mayen Orido

Way Beyond Cakes, LLC

Michele Sweeney

Epicurian Delights

Myriam Sanchez

Chapix Cookies

Nick Rincon

Nick Sweet Art

Raewyn Read

Raewyn Read Cake Design

Reva Alexander-Hawk

Merci Beaucoup Cakes

Robert Haynes

Sugar Flower Studio

Roni Plascencia


Ruth Rickey

Sugar Gypsy

Sachiko Windbiel

Mimi Café Union

Sandra Beltran

You Can Call Me Sweetie

Sharon Spradley


Sidney Galpern

Simi Cakes & Confections

Stephanie Perez

Baked With Love

Susy Arboleda

Susy Pops

Ted Scutti/Adam Starkey

Sugar Sugar Cake Studio,_Inc./Designers.html

Wayne Steinkopf

Swank Cake Design

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