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6 Easy Ways to Practice Self Care By Yourself or With Loved Ones

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For International Self Care Day * , Parkway Plastics asked its Twitter followers "What's the first thing you think about when it comes to self-care?"

Besides "self-love", "meditation" and "wellness checkups", some prefer to indulge their savory senses too. CP Lab Safety (@CPLabSafety) replied “Eating right!” while Lucas Mayes (@BigWoodsEMotor) humorously tweeted “It's #InternationalSelfCareDay and the best way that I can think of for self care is tacos on #TacoTuesday."

There are endless ways to practice self-care whether you're at home, school or even at the office! Here's a quick list of 6 easy ways to practice self-care.


Paint on canvas, create a photo collage, piece together some scrapbook pages, color a picture, write a poem, sew a pattern, or build a wooden project. “Creating art changes and expands our minds, teaching us to be alert to the infinite details of the world around us,” writes Katie Willard Virant in her article, “ Art as Self-Care”.

Jars and Containers for Arts and Crafts on                                                        Photo: Tegan James


Gardening takes a little patience and getting knees deep and elbows dirty in the yard, but it’s so rewarding and fulfilling! Even tilling the soil can soothe the soul.

Gardening Containers on                                                                              Photo: Binyamin Mellish


Self care can “create a ripple effect of positivity in your mind and body … Spending time on your mat can benefit your brain, heart, and bones, and even change the expression of your genes,” says Timothy McCall in self-care article on yoga journal’s website. Yoga is a spiritual, mental and physical discipline that helps you to achieve a peaceful state of mind, with meditation following. "Through practicing meditation, you can learn to be mindful in your day to day life, meaning you’ll learn to slow down and savor the present moment," writes Dee, blog author of the website 'Morning Coffee with Dee.'

Photo: Benjamin Balazs


Laughter is the best medicine; it releases those feel-good endorphins, lowers blood pressure and boosts the immune system to help fight infections. Netflix tonight? Try Happy Gilmore, Adventures in Babysitting, Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, or Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Photo: Jorge Gryntysz


No need to splurge a paycheck’s worth to receive the benefits of a spa visit. In fact, Jessica Johnson suggests starting with small steps in her article on self-care for men, “Guys Need Pampering Too”. Taking a walk on your lunch break or stopping in for a fresh cut and shave at your local barber are simple ways to feel rejuvenated.

Shave Soap Containers on                                                                                   Photo:


Face masks, eye gels, body butters, shampoo bars, shaving soaps and candles are all fairly easy and affordable to make on your own, and can be fun to create with your teens! If you'd rather just shop and lather, Sweet& has got you covered with these soap bars in a variety of soothing scents.

Homemade Spa Products and Body Butter Jars on                      Photo:




*Parkway Plastics manufactures high-quality plastic jars and caps for every industry. Jars and caps sold separately.

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*International Self Care Day falls annually on July 24.

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