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Parkway Plastics' Thick Wall Jars Top Choice For Body Butters and Scrubs

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People who use body scrubs and butters want them to be of the highest quality, since they're trusting them to improve their skin and complexion. 

At Parkway, we believe that a high quality body butter deserves a high quality jar. Our jar quality is legendary, and we know that neither you nor your customers will be disappointed. 

Choose from regular wall and thick wall body butter jars with screw-top lids for optimum closure. For added protection, Parkway offers cost-effective shrink sleeves in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.

Parkway jars are excellent containers for packaging beauty and skin care products from body butter or bath salts to sugar scrubs and hair gels. 

Custom colors available for larger bulk order quantities.

Thick Wall: 100mm - 6oz

Thick Wall: 89mm - 4 oz

Thick Wall: 83mm - 6oz

Thick Wall: 89mm - 8 oz

Thick Wall: 120mm - 16 oz

Thick Wall: 70mm - 1 oz

Thick Wall: 89mm - 6 oz

Regular Wall: 58mm - 3 oz

Regular Wall: 43 mm - 1 oz

Regular Wall: 43mm - 2 oz

Smooth Cap

Domed Cap

Foam Liners

INFOGRAPHIC: Thick Wall Jars Versus Regular Wall Jars at Parkway Plastics Inc.

Comparing 2 Types of Parkway Jars from Parkway Plastics Inc.

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