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INFOGRAPHIC: Thick Wall Jars Versus Regular Wall Jars at Parkway Plastics Inc.

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Comparing 2 Types of Parkway Jars from Parkway Plastics Inc.

Click to buy Thick Wall Jars Click to buy Regular Wall Jars Thick Wall and Regular Wall Jars at Parkway Plastics Inc. Buy Thick Wall Jars at Buy Regular Wall Jars at Browse Thick Wall Jars by Size Browse Regular Wall Jars by Size Find Regular Wall & Thick Wall Jars at Image Map

Small Plastic Containers - Packaging for Every Industry from Parkway Plastics

Parkway Plastics Regular Wall 33 mm - 1/2 oz Jars - Small Packaging for Every IndustryIf you’re a company looking for a replacement of your current container for your product, or simply looking for small-size packaging for house wares, look no further than Parkway Plastics! In this blog, we are featuring our Regular Wall 33mm 1/2oz jars in your choice [...]

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Pomades, Packaging and More - Plastic Jars and Lids for Pomades -

From understanding what pomade is to learning who uses it and for what, this blog post also includes travel size tips, info on making your own pomade and, of course, where to find the jars and lids you need to package your product. What is the definition of Pomade - noun  po·made  \ pō-ˈmād , -ˈmäd \ Simply defined, pomade is a scented [...]

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The Most Popular Jars & Caps from Parkway: Part I - Regular Wall Jars: The 4 ounce 58mm Regular Wall Jar - One of Parkway's TOP Selling Plastic Jars! Among All Plastic Container&Packaging!

The Most Popular Jars & Caps from Parkway:Part 1: Regular Wall Jars - The 4oz 58mm Regular Wall JarTop Selling Jars in the Regular Wall Category includes:Regular Wall: 58mm - 4oz- Regular Wall: 89mm - 16oz- Regular Wall: 70mm - 8oz- Regular Wall: 120mm - 32oz- Regular Wall: 43mm - 1oz- Regular Wall: 120mm - 40oz- Regular Wall: 63mm - [...]

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​Plastic Jars – Wholesale Plastic Jars and Caps - Regular Wall Jars - Thick Wall Jars – White and Clarified PP & Clear PS Plastic Jars

Wholesale Plastic Jars and lids can be found at Parkway Plastics. Product developers and business owners value the customer service they get from Parkway Plastics. Parkway jars are used and stocked by customers all over the world. A wide selection of colors, plastic materials and styles make personalizing your packaging easy with Parkway!  PLASTIC JARS - Regular Wall Jars (Single [...]

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