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Benefits of a Heavy Wall Jar - 3 Reasons Why Thick Wall Plastic Jars Might Work Better for Your Product's Packaging.

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When sourcing packaging for products you might have come across many different variations of Jars and Packaging Containers from manufacturers and distributors out there. You might have seen their inventory in person at trade shows or online when searching for jarscaps. You want the best price, but you also want the best jar. In order for you to make an educated purchase decision when it comes to jars & caps, it may be good to know about the benefits of a Heavy Wall Jar. 

Here are 3 Reasons Why Thick Wall Jars Might Work Better for Your Product's Packaging


    - If you need a durable jar to package your toxic chemicalspowders or liquid products, then a Heavy Wall Jar may be your better choice. Heavy Wall Jars, such as Thick Wall Jars, are more durable than thinner walled jars (regular wall jars). The reason for the durability is obviously the heavier thickness of the wall jar. The thicker the plastic jar, the more protection may be offered to your product formula. However, do not solely rely on the wall thickness when it comes to packaging your product. The plastic material choice of Polypropylene PP v.s. Polystyrene PS plays a big role too; whereas, Polypropylene (PP recycle code 5) will be your better choice for durability. Especially if you are planning to package any oils - whether it's coconut oilface oils or essential oilsliquids or chemicals. To minimize an occurrence of product leakage through jars, the jars and caps should be tested with your product in order to decide whether or not Liners are needed. Sampling packaging before placing a large order is therefore always recommended. The durability of a heavy wall jar is one of the reasons why many companies choose to go with Thick Wall Jars


    - Thick Wall Jars are popular in industries in which products require to be protected and marketed by the benefits of a heavier wall jar. You often see the heavier thick wall jar in industries like cosmetics, personal care and pharmaceuticals. Whether or not a Thick Wall Jar is your cup of tea, it might be interesting to be aware of the type of packaging styles ruling your industry. Do you sell nail powdersacrylic powdersSkincare ProductsProducts for beauty personal care such are lotions or creams? To point out the popularity of heavy wall jars among different industries, here are a few examples: The Clear Crystal Styrene 1/4oz (.25oz) 33mm Thick Wall Jar  is a popular option for lipbalms, glosses & makeup products. Another popular Clear Crystal Styrene Jar is the 1oz, 43mm Thick Wall Jar. This jar is popular for products in nail care such as acrylics and powdersmakeup and beauty careThe thick wall jar is also offered in Stock Clarified, White and Black Polypropylene (PP). Because heavier thick wall jars are popular in certain industries, the thick wall jar might work better than the regular wall jar for your product if you belong to any of those industries.


    -  Are you looking for a high end jar? A cosmetic looking low profile jar that will stand out? A jar that will help you beat the competition in your market? If so, then you need a heavier jar such a thick wall jar. Thick wall jars offers that extraordinary appeal that may make your customers choose your product. Why? Well, these jars feel so luxurious in your hands which makes them the perfect choice for a high end product whether its for pharmafood or personal care. What's so great with these heavier wall jars are that they come with flush fit caps. The fact that the cap fits flush with the thick wall jar wall makes the thick wall jar a solid option for customers who are looking for cosmetic jars and gorgeous packaging. The reason why many of our customers love our thick wall jar is simply because the heavier wall leaves their customer with an extraordinary impression!

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